About MNN

The History Of Maple-News

After becoming dissatisfied with just being a member of a fan site dedicated to the popular MMORPG, MapleStory, Savage became interested in creating a site of his own. With no website experience and the unique idea of a MapleStory news website drawn from his mother being in news for over 30 years, on June 30th, 2007 Savage and good friend Iris created the Maple-News Network.

Being only 14 years old, money was not readily available so the site grew slowly. Hosted on a free webhost and publishing creative news articles every week the site began to attract players who were interested in updating the community and sharing their love of writing. The staff quickly grew from just two to eight in a few weeks. Things were going well and in October 2007, Maple-News became “maple-news.com” and officially entered the fan site world.

As more people began to visit the site publishing articles every week became impractical. By December 2007, Maple-News switched to the popular CMS, WordPress, and began publishing articles immediately rather than weekly. The site began to grow rapidly and formed affiliations with the top MapleStory fan sites like Hidden Street and Maple Tip.

After switching to paid hosting maintained by site-friend WhiteOut in 2008 Maple-News became what you see today. Maple-News grew from one unique idea to something larger than any of us imagined. The site was just intended to be a fun little project, never a large MapleStory fan site. It goes to show you that if you put in hard work, you’ll achieve some pretty cool things.

Noteworthy Information

Maple-News.com is rated the #1 MapleStory blogger on NoobGibs.com.

Maple-News.com is rated the #1 MapleStory blogger on RedbandTech.com

Maple-News is the most updated and only MapleStory news website.

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