About Us

The Maple-News Network first launched in June 2007 as a project started by a few friends who were eager to have their voices heard in the MapleStory community. Almost 5 years later, Maple-News.com has covered breaking events in the MapleStory world landing the site awards for #1 MapleStory blog on NoobGibs.com and RedbandTech.com. In addition to interviewing Nexon employees like NX Neutral, Lloyd Korn, and Nexon America’s MapleGlobal Maple Team, Maple-News continues to be a leader in MapleStory news and community discussions.

Noteworthy Information

Maple-News.com is rated the #1 MapleStory blogger on NoobGibs.com.

Maple-News.com is rated the #1 MapleStory blogger on RedbandTech.com

Maple-News is the most updated and only MapleStory news website.