[GMS] v.117 – New Dawn Update Highlights

September 5th is the official release date for the “Light of Knight” class. Hooray for another gender locked class!

Who’s excited? I know I’ll be making one! Tell us what world you plan to make yours below! 🙂


4 responses to “[GMS] v.117 – New Dawn Update Highlights

  1. HATE it… Most unoriginal class out there. It is basicly a dawn warrior with litterly 5 new skills. Made it in KMS, got rid of it the same day. What a waste -_- The the tutorial is annoying from what I can remember … :/. SOOOO … MUCH … TAAAALLLKKKIIINNNGGG.
    But if you never made a DW before have fun, but this is just Nexon raising the level cap for Dawn Warriors while maintaining the lv 120 option -_-. Even Jett is more original. Sure, the skills have the same abilities as bucc and sair skills, but they don’t look like them at all. Mihile’s skills LOOK EXACTLY the same as a Dawn Warrior’s skills.

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