Nexon America shuts down.. MythStory!

Nexon America shut down Intrinsic Network two weeks ago and now Myth Story, a v.111 server! I bet all of this is scaring active private servers, surely it is sending them a message or two.

This was the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) letter sent to the owner of Myth Story, a server that usually was ranked in the top five private servers:

To whom it may concern:

Nexon America Inc. (“Nexon”) is the owner of the Website, (the “Website”) The website contains Nexon’s copyrighted material and the intellectual property in the Video Games on the Website, which include the game MapleStory (the “Game”), as well as the original images on the Website and embedded in the Game, and the object and source code for the site. In addition, Nexon is the owner of the trademarks NEXON and MapleStory, as well as hundreds of other trademarks used in association with the website.
You are currently hosting the following private maplestory server at —– (the “Rogue Website”). This server is an unlawful private server site of the Game, which was developed from the illegal misappropriation of Nexon’s intellectual property: The people who run this Rogue private server specifically distribute and allow for the download and linking of private server software for the Game based on the pirated source code of the Game. Because of this, the Rogue Website is severely damaging the Game and is hurting Nexon’s business. In addition, they are misappropriating Nexon’s intellectual property for their own commercial gain.

You need to look no further than (ip address) to see players playing the game on your network using Nexon copyrighted source code, artwork and protected Trademarks all over the illegal private server which is used by the owner of the game to promote its private server software and collect money from those who play the game.

I hereby state that Nexon America Inc. is the owner of copyright of the Game and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the infringing use was not authorized by it, its agents or the law. I further declare under penalty of perjury that this notice is accurate and that I am authorized to act as Nexon America Inc.’s agent in this matter. Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, your Acceptable User Policy and your Terms of Service, Nexon America Inc. demands that you shut down the Rogue Website and remove the infringing material contained on said site. Please send a message to them that you do not tolerate infringement of intellectual property.

You may reach me by the e-mail provided below  if you have any questions about this matter. The foregoing is not intended as a complete statement the facts or of our rights and remedies, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

We have learned that as of right now, the admins are not planning on refunding the donations received this month. Players are complaining that it is all a scheme, saying they are scamming the donors and running off with the money with a fake DMCA. “This is a fake notice but it was just copied from the DMCA notice on this post from Southperry.” one said.

The owner of the server responded to all of those who believed it was a myth saying that there’d be no reason to lie about it and following that, another administrator said that he was given a screenshot of the e-mail and it is in fact real but ended his message saying believe what you would like — there has been no comment from any staff of MythStory for two days now.

Thanks to whoever sent us this tip. Anyways, what do you guys think about all of this?


7 responses to “Nexon America shuts down.. MythStory!

    • Thanks for providing screenshots. Though, I never said it was fake but I’m glad you stopped by to make your case and prove to the players of your server that you guys really did get shut down.

      I found it kind of silly that you would keep your forums up if you were trying to run off anyways, thanks again.

  1. The whole “it looks like another one” is an idiots answer anyway – These DMCA notices are copy/paste form letters from the same company, of *course* they look alike. That’s right up there with “My neighbor’s apartment lease looks just like mine, it must be a fake”.

  2. even with 1 private server closed there are still many other p servers to join you think closing down one server will do anything?nexon should just shut down every single server o-o

  3. To nick: its not as easy as it sounds! Sending a notice to hundreds of servers is close to useless because you cannot criminalize the idea of a private server. A private server is a server based on the coding and scripts of nexon’s game client. The client and intellectual property behind that client is the soul property of Nexon (not just America but globally) which means it IS, indeed, infringement.
    I think all private servers should be shut down because although they are fun and a great way to get a community together, the basic principle is that it is wrong and should not legally be done. The reality of it is, that it is taking business away from Nexon. Sorry~ (words of an ex-Pserver player)

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