MTS Closing Reminder, 2x EXP/Drop Event This Weekend!

“As we announced back in May, the MTS will be permanently removed at the end of the summer. This is a reminder that you have until 11pm Pacific on September 4th to remove your items from the MTS. Any items remaining in your MTS inventory after the 9/4 maintenance will be deleted and cannot be retrieved again.”

“School’s starting, which means less Mapling during the week. Make up for it this weekend with a 2x EXP and DROP Event!

August 25 and 26, 2012
Pacific: 2 PM – 6 PM
Eastern: 5 PM – 9 PM

This event will stack with EXP coupons, so you could use a 2x EXP Couponnow 40% OFF!, from the Cash Shop to get 4X EXP for 4 hours each day!”

“Who doesn’t like a good deal when they see one? Until July 31st, we will be doing a new deal each day for the Cash Shop items that Maplers love the most!

Today’s special deal is on 4 hour 2x EXP Special Coupon. You have until August 25th at 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern) to purchase this item at a 40% discount! This discount applies to both singles and bundle deals. However, items bought in Daily Deals expire in 24 hours, so be sure to use them as soon as you buy!

This discount is only available under the Limited Tab in the Event Section. So make sure that you are buying from here…

…and not anywhere else!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next Daily Deal!”

Should be a great weekend, don’t be afraid to share your level jump with us by the end of the weekend! 🙂


Let us know what you think below!

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