Scheduled Game Update – August 16th, 2012

We will be performing a scheduled game update beginning on August 16, 2012. The server maintenance will last approximately 7 and a half hours.

Thanks for your patience!

Pacific: 5:30 AM – 1 PM Thursday, August 16, 2012
Eastern: 8:30 AM – 4 PM Thursday, August 16, 2012

-What will be unavailable-

  • All MapleStory game servers.
  • Website login and the billing system, including prepaid card redemption and credit card charging, will be unavailable from approximately 8 AM – 9 AM Pacific.

-Changes and Updates-

  • MapleStory will be updated to v.116 in order to resolve some serious issues.
  • Red Leaf High will open after the maintenance is complete.
  • The BigWigs Gift Giveway will begin.
  • Cash Shop specials ending: 1 NX Puffram Package, Dual Blades Mastery Books, One-Time Cosmetic Lens (White), and this week’s Clearance sale items.

Red Leaf High
School is in session at Red Leaf High! This new premium dungeon allows you to earn Friendship points with four NPCs in order to earn the ability to purchase new equipable stat items: totems.

  • Requirement: Lv.10 or above, solo only
  • NPC Boss Kumi will be in most towns. Talk to her to be sent to her homeroom class.
  • The totems of Joe Joe, Hermoninny, Little Dragon, and Ika each provide different kinds of stats.
  • You can venture deeper into the school for free once per day. Subsequent entries each day will require the use of a Red Leaf High Entry Key, available for 400 NX in the Cash Shop. Each key will be consumed after one use.
  • You’ll be able to choose which of the Four Pillars of Heaven you want to apply earned Friendship Points toward.
  • There are tons of daily repeatable quests your new schoolmates have for you to earn Friendship Points.
  • As the applied Friendship Points accumulate, the ability to purchase totems for the corresponding Pillar in the Four Pillars of Heaven Shop in the homeroom.
  • Each totem is a unique equipped item, so you won’t be able to have two of the same totem equipped at the same time. For example, you can have a Mighty Joe Joe Totem equipped at the same time as a Golden Joe Joe Totem, but you can’t have two Mighty Joe Joe Totems equipped at the same time.
  • All of the totems are untradeable.
  • A totem UI has been added to your equipment inventory for you to view which you have equipped. Up to 3 can be equipped at once.

Totem Info:

  • Joe Joe: DEX
  • Hermoninny: INT
  • Little Dragon: STR
  • Ika: LUK
  • There is also a special type of Boss Kumi totem for each category.
Stats Mesos
0 500 [stat] +4 100,000
30 1000 [stat] +8, Weapon/Magic ATT +1 10,000,000
70 2000 [stat] +12, Weapon/Magic ATT +3 100,000,000
120 4000 [stat] +20, Weapon/Magic ATT +6 400,000,000
0 4000 [stat] +14, Weapon/Magic ATT +4 500,000,000

BigWing Gift Giveaway

  • Maple BigWigs can accept quests for two special items from the Maple Administrator NPC: a 30-day Item Guard and a Maple Administrator’s Gift box.
  • The Maple Administrator’s Gift quest is repeatable each day.
  • Maple Administrator’s Gift box will contain one of the following untradeable items:
    • Lucky Day Scroll: Increases the success chance of next scroll being used by 10%.
    • Giant Potion: For 60 seconds, increases character size three-fold, Speed/Jump +20
    • Advanced Blessing Potion: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +30, Speed +30, Jump +23
    • Advanced Hero Potion: Weapon/Magic ATT +12
    • Berserker Scroll for Armor 50%: Weapon/Magic ATT +1 on armor at 50% chance
    • Invincibility Potion: Invincible for 20 seconds
    • Wealth Acquisition Potion: Meso/Item drop rate +10% for 2 hours
    • EXP Accumulation Potion: EXP obtained +10% for 2 hours
    • Power Elixir x20: Fully recovers HP/MP

Which event are you most excited about? Tell us right down there!!


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