“Will I get banned for using the 999,999 damage glitch?”

Many of you have probably heard about the glitch with Magicians (and Phantoms as you can steal their skills). I’ve been seeing the question being asked all over MapleStory related fansites and decided that it’s time someone finally cleared everything up for those who don’t yet know what’s going on.

Nexon is aware of the issue. They’ve responded to at least three threads about the topic, here’s just one:

ssemi226my evan is level 100 and it hits what its supposed to in the 30k+ damage with skills but on my friend’s screen I hit the max amount of damage possible and it happened to the screens of 2 friends, what is going on?

Zinyden from Nexon:  Hi, thank you for reporting this. We’ve already received numerous reports about this and we are currently looking into it. Thanks!


“Action may be taken on players who are intentionally taking advantage of this exploit to gain an unfair advantage.” said Panthiro from Nexon responded in another thread.

I wouldn’t be worried if you didn’t know at first and stopped soon after. I honestly don’t know how they’ll identify who was using it or not, maybe they’d look at the level gain in the last few days and then figure out something from there? I don’t really know, only time will tell. What do you think about all of this? Tell us right down there!


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