ArcaneMS & CrypticSEA (Intrinsic Network) shut down by Nexon.

I have received confirmation from one of ArcaneMS’s interns that the Intrinsic Network is indeed, down for good.

After a long time, Nexon discovered who the owners were, had their particulars and their addresses. It is likely that they were shut down for operating a server that is up-to-date to GMS, and they’ve also introduced jobs before GMS’s official launch (which attracted Nexon America’s attention of sending a lawsuit).

They were one of the most professional MapleStory servers that were up-to-date with GMS with incredible features and excellently coded. It was loved by many of its players. This is indeed a great loss to the private-server community.

CrypticSEA, also a part of the Intrinsic Network alliance has been shut down along with ArcaneMS.


6 responses to “ArcaneMS & CrypticSEA (Intrinsic Network) shut down by Nexon.

  1. A great loss to the private server community, yes, but a huge step in the right direction for society in my opinion. Well ‘society’ may be a little too broad a term, but you get the point.

  2. Actually, ArcaneMS got shut down since Nexon discovered who the owners were, and not for the Phantom release. Otherwise, Extalia would have been closed for the Cannoneer release..

    • Yes, Nexon America finally got the owners address and decided to send a DMCA.
      But nexon was attracted to them because of the reasons I have stated in the main article.

    • Er, that wasn’t the reason as they’d released Demon Slayers before Nexon OR Extalia. Extalia learned about the hassle from the players over pre-releasing classes and don’t do it now. Had nothing to do with drawing attention from Nexon although we did agree they would be noting that as well.

  3. no nexon jellous that there were more people online in arcanems then there were on gms so they shut them down

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