ICY Challenge: 1 – I Hate Phantoms!

Hello one and all and welcome to the first ever ICY Challenge. Every now and then I will challenge maplers from every corner of the U S and A (and our boring neighbors upstairs!) to do something (most likely embarrassing) in-game for a prize!

WARNING: The ICY Challenge is not for the faint of heart. Maple-News is in no way responsible for the intense stupidity of the challenge below. You can send hate mail to ICY at icysuckspokeballs@maple-news.com.

Ever since the Phantom update, Phantoms are really cramping my style. It’s harder to get into parties as a Bishop since all you Phantoms think you are now Bishops because you can steal skills. Well, I want revenge and God damn it I’m going to get it.

You will have 1 Week to complete this task.

The Challenge: Time to challenge your inner Cartman. Take a screen shot of your character telling a Phantom class character to “Suck mah bawlz” and get their reaction.
The Prize: The most hilarious reaction will receive a free cash item worth 5,000 NX cash.

Submit the link to your screen shot in the comments below!

Good luck!


One response to “ICY Challenge: 1 – I Hate Phantoms!

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