Nexon will showcase two new games at Gamescom 2012

Nexon will showcase two new titles, a shooting game called ‘Shadow Company’ and another one, a naval real-time strategy game, named ‘Navy Field 2’ which Nexon also published in Japan.

More information will be given at the world’s largest game trade fair, Gamescom 2012, which is to be held in Cologne, Germany from August 15 to 19.

According to a public statement released. Shadow Company, developed by game developers ‘Doobic Studio’  who are also the developers of Combat Arms, takes place in a world where corporate mercenaries fight over a “new-energy source”.

Combat Arms, a first person shooting game by Nexon, always ranks on the top in the United States so, at least they have some kind of experience with shooting games, eh? Here are some pictures of the new shooting game, Shadow Company, provided by Joystiq (click to enlarge):

Thanks to our friends at msupdate for clearing up information about the second game right on our comments; this is a simply a quick announcement explaining that there will be two new games floating around soon.

How does it look to you? Would you play it?


6 responses to “Nexon will showcase two new games at Gamescom 2012

  1. The second game, a naval RTS, is Navy Field 2, which Nexon also publishes in Japan. It isn’t a very well kept secret because other organizations such as Germany’s USK (game rating board) apparently didn’t get the memo that Nexon wanted to keep it secret until the big reveal.

    As far as I know Combat Arms has been quite a bit more successful than Sudden Attack here in North America. In Korea, however, Sudden Attack is leaps and bounds above all competition.

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