Pirate Revamp Date Confirmed!

I saw you all shouting out in Hime & Waltzing’s livestream yesterday afternoon, you wanted to hear information about the revamp! So what if I told you that the pirate revamp was in just three weeks?

If I told you that, it surely wouldn’t be a lie:

Rowen of Nexon: Don’t be angry at Hime, she wasn’t giving you guys a date because the date hadn’t officially been confirmed. But as of now, it looks like we will be releasing the pirate revamp on AUGUST 8th! There is a tiny, miniscule, almost non-existent chance that this “might” change which is why we are holding off on the official announcement (because as you know, things can always change) but you can take my word for now, it is almost 99.999999999% coming on August 8th, so get READY for the long-awaited revamped pirate!!!!!!!!

Okay, fine, we should wait for the official announcement, but at least we know that it’s coming very soon, anyone excited? Tell us in the comments below!


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