What if Leeching was part of the ToU?


I think I already know what you’re thinking:

“What is this ToU you speak of?”

I’m not sure if you noticed but that giant long wall of text that you agreed to when you signed up is called the ToU, Terms of Use.


A back history in MapleStory, there is something going on in there that just doesn’t quite make me understand. As the title may suggest, it is about leeching. For those of you who don’t know what leeching is, it’s when a person does nothing but relaxes while their teammate (in Maple, it’s most refereed to as party member) kills the monsters, distributing the EXP throughout the party. Now for those of you who remember back then from pre Big Bang status, the party EXP ratio was 60%/ 40% (the killer’s EXP/ leecher’s EXP). Leeching was pretty popular since a majority was doing it, from Bishops leeching at Skeles and etc to Big Foot. Now, after the Big Bang update, the party EXP ratio was then changed to 80%/20% to decrease (maybe on purpose or not) leeching. Many people had it hard to level up now since they had to do it themselves, but the plan on decreasing leeching worked. However, another update re-changed the party EXP ratio back to 60%/40% which soon brought back the revival of leeching.

Now some of you readers may be wondering,” so what’s with all the hate on leeching and ToU?” The main reason of this article is to explain a reason or rather a what if situation for leeching. For first hand witnesses, you may have seen a high level and maybe funded character leeching others which makes them gain more EXP than they probably normally would. This might seem unfair for those who can’t get what they have as it is beneficial to the party members but not outcasts.

Now, I’m not sure if most of you knew this already but I’m going to bring up another topic into this case: kill stealing (or most known as ksing). Ksing is the killing of other monsters attacked by other players than yourself, disrupting the EXP ratio.

Stated in the Terms of Use,

Engage in rude, unlawful, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, threatening, abusive or otherwise objectionable behavior, including, without limitation, looting, kill stealing, making sexual comments and/or cursing;

2.2 Code of Conduct

Now as a player of MapleStory, it’s quite well known that everyone kill-steals whether in defense or in rude behavior. Well, even though the fine print says that doing so would violate the ToU, a majority of those term breakers probably don’t give a #@&^ about it. (I’m sure they’ll either say the usual “SS or BS”, ignore it, etc.) It’s been given awareness lately by fellow players in certain forums where they talk about the situations and such. To conclude the kill-stealing problem, IT IS NOT ENFORCED BY NEXON TECHNICALLY. It’s the same to the other actions stated in 2.2 Code of Conduct because it is quite commonly seen throughout MapleStory.

Now, what if leeching was one of the new actions which violates the ToU? Leeching brings out the worst in people which allows them to become lazy and get benefits at the same time compared to a hard working player actually training. There could be problems with leeching because there could be party members going away for a few minutes and others could still be training. (However, it can be the same for kill-stealing as well when a person kill-steals to save themselves against others who do so purposely.) The best for having leeching on the ToU would be to make it become aware to all people.

To all the leechers, think of all the others who cannot get what you are having. Although I have leeched at several points of my MapleStory years, I haven’t stopped to think how everyone is not able to gain a tremendous amount of EXP in such a short time. Maybe this is suppose to be a benefit only for those who can afford it or maybe this was just a way people are suppose to level. From hackers to highly funded players leeching others, I just feel as if the gameplay is getting unfairer by the second.

Nexon, do us all a favor and ENFORCE YOUR ToU.


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