GAZED Alliance: Awesome or Major Bust?

As a proud El Nido player I can’t say I was excited by the thought of a World Alliance with four other servers, recently dubbed GAZED for the allied servers Galicia, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, and Demethos, and the effects it would have on my gameplay. The World Alliance initiative is Nexon America’s solution to the dwindling population of newer servers. In short, the creation of newer worlds was the solution to the overpopulation in servers like Scania and Bera (remember a few years back when new accounts were unable to create characters in Scania?). As the overall user base of MapleGlobal declined over the past two or three years, so did the populations in smaller servers.

The common theme of any new world was:

  1.  New world events (2x EXP, bandanas, new class, medals, etc.) drive players to new worlds.
  2.  Events end and players quit or World Transfer to their home server.
  3. Population drops tremendously.
  4.  After-effects include item scarcity in Free Markets, fewer players, and an ‘elite few’ that control the server.

So, the solution to the solution (try saying that three times fast) are World Alliances.

A ‘What You Need to Know’ graphic created by Basil Market user Spirit for the latest World Alliances.

As an active El Nido player and former Scanian since 2005, I can tell you that my intention for joining a smaller world like El Nido can be narrowed down to a few things: a more small-town feel to the server, an East Coast server with better connectivity, and less crowded training spots. Coming from Scania it was a breath of fresh air to finally be able to train somewhere without being KS’d consistently. I will agree as the chart below estimates that the GAZED alliance is not as large as Scania by any means, but the effect of throwing a bunch of users used to a small pond into a swimming pool is the same as a rural country lad being thrown into a city.

I will not address the last minute announcement that ‘Oh by the way, El Nido is no longer hosted on the East Coast but we forgot to tell you” that was highly unprofessional and upsetting to many El Nido players who have stayed because of that fact, but I will say that this World Alliance has effectively eliminated the exclusivity of El Nido. If I can be blunt, I find the decision to Alliance these servers hasty and poorly executed. Players were up in arms over the CMYK alliance on the official MapleStory forums and fan sites everywhere voicing their disapproval. The size of the servers seems to be the only thing taken into consideration and not the overall demographics such as the individual communities, economies, and cultures  within each server. The freedom of choice: to play in a largely populated server or a a less populated one; has been stolen from maplers.

So I offer these suggestions:

  • Consider at the very least separating the allied worlds into smaller groups
  • Make specific channels (i.e. channels 1-10) allied channels
  • Add at least 10 extra channels to the allied worlds
  • Offer World Transfers to users who would like to transfer out of their current world

The overall effects of the GAZED, Bellonova, and CMYK World Alliances will not be seen for weeks or months to come. We will revisit this topic then.

What do you think of the recent World Alliances? Tell us in the comments!


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