Five Years Today

Five years ago today I set up a little Freewebs website with a few friends called Maple-News. Having no way to get a steady stream of news (this was before ‘blogging’ as many people call it about MapleStory was ‘cool’) I decided to create the Maple-News Network, a MapleStory news website. Using only our imagination and the creativity that flowed from it, we were able to build our content and gain an audience over the course of that year. We’ve been going strong ever since.

I don’t often look back at what it was like being a fourteen year old kid sitting and trying to figure out how to get my idea for this website to come to life. I had no experience running a website, no idea what CSS or HTML really was, and no funding to hire people to code a fancy design for Maple-News. This site was born out of hard work, dedication, and our love of writing and the game that we all know as MapleStory. In reality this little site that many of you have been kind enough to visit daily, weekly, or any time during your mapling experience was created and run by a bunch of regular players who just thought it would be cool to create a fan site. We’ve never really made any money off this website unlike former conglomerates like Sleepywood, Maple Tip, or Basil Market. We haven’t hired anyone to run the site, to code it, or to write. Everything you read and see here on was created by people who genuinely care about the game and the community and have taken the time out of their daily lives over the past five years to contribute to this website. Without them, this site would have never taken off.

I recently exchanged emails with someone who told me what the ‘Network’ in Maple-News Network meant to them: “A network of players coming together to inform the community and interact with each other.” If I’m being honest, I only added Network to give the site the impression of professionalism when it first started. But, Maple-News has definitely become a network of players and a site for and by the community. I’m very proud of that.

I’m very proud, honored, and thankful to every single one of you who has chosen to visit our little news website here over the past five years. We really continue to write and work on Maple-News because we want to and will continue to do so as long as even a couple people still take the time out of their day to log on and browse our site. Without all of you who have read an article, voiced your opinion in a comment, written a news article, or participated in any way, shape, or form here at Thank you.

Happy anniversary!

Savage and the Maple-News Network Staff


2 responses to “Five Years Today

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I’ve only been part of the MNN staff for about two months now and it’s been a wonderful experience so far! I truly do hope to be a part of it for the next five years! I would first like to thank you the readers for coming back and excited to read the latest news.

    I would also like to thank my fellow staff mates, I never got a chance to talk to any of them but yeah, thanks.

    In conclusion, I would just like to thank Savage. I wasn’t expecting him to just take me in like this, I wasn’t even expecting to be taken in as a writer (and now an admin, too). So many things have come out of my experience here and thank you for that, Savage.

    – Dill

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