Announcing MORE World Alliances!

We told you that there would be more server merges a few weeks ago and here it is!

On Friday, July 6, 2012, we will be implementing two new World Alliances.  The first World Alliance is between DemethosGaliciaEl NidoZenith and Arcania.  The second World Alliance is between Bellocan and Nova.  These Alliances will be in effect after the scheduled server maintenance is complete that day.

We will be holding a 2X EXP & Drop Event for the new allied worlds only from 2-6pm Pacific/5-9pm Eastern on July 6 through July 11.

We will also be giving a few gifts to the players of these worlds. Please log in from July 6 to July 11 to receive a 7-Day Hired Merchant Coupon, a 1-Day Hyper Teleport Rock, and a 7-Day Pendant of the Spirit. You can only claim these gifts ONCE per account.

We hope that these changes will allow players on the new allied worlds to participate in more community activities than they previously could. We know you probably have lots of questions, so feel free to post them in our forums thread here. We’ll try to answer as many as we can.

Although I’m not around in any of the worlds that will/have been merge/d, I think it was a pretty great idea to do a few more merges.

Let me jump in and clarify- since people seem to have different ideas about the actual location of El Nido’s server. The El Nido server used to actually be located on the East Coast (yes, the actual Eastern Coast of the United States) at the beginning, and was set up to better serve our East Coast players. After observing how things were going for a while, we decided to move the server back to the west coast simply because we weren’t seeing the kinds of benefits for our players which we were looking for. We have, however, maintained the “East Coast” identity of El Nido because the players comprise of mainly East Coasters.

So to put an end to everyone’s speculation about El Nido’s location (drum roll please!)- yes, El Nido server is located on the West Coast. Merging El Nido with other West Coast worlds is our way of helping to bring people from across the country together. We know lots of Maplers make friends from around the world through gMS and we hope some of our West Coasters and East Coasters get to mingle and make new friends with this World Alliance!

We shall update you on any changes, anyone excited?


6 responses to “Announcing MORE World Alliances!

  1. I’m actually quite disappointed about El Nido being included in the world alliance. I joined the server because it was for East Coast players and it seems a bit disingenuous that Nexon never told El Nido players that the server was no longer an East Coast server. Many people, including myself, joined it for that exclusivity- which is now being eliminated. Although an increase in free market items may be an improvement, I think it will kill the ‘small town’ feeling that many players enjoy about the server. Disappointed.

    • Well, the actual idea of an east coast server was a good idea but as they clearly weren’t seeing the numbers so they decided to let it go, I guess.

      Hm, I’ve also seen a lot of hate to Nexon regarding these upcoming merges. Which is quite sad as I’d think they mean the best for their players once in a while.

      • I think everyone was very excited at the thought of it, but after the first alliance a lot of people realized that they probably shouldn’t have asked for an alliance. It’s cool to play with more people, but training becomes increasingly difficult when you have 3 or 4 servers merged together. That’s the one negative that everyone seems to be complaining about. Perhaps adding more channels would be more beneficial or having particular channels that each world shares like in KMS, as opposed to every world sharing every channel. There needs to be a happy medium.

        Still, I applaud Nexon for listening to players. It’s a work in progress though, so I hope they continue to modify the alliances to better suit the needs of players in each server.

  2. They should name the alliance servers. I don’t mean combine the names (it would sound stupid) but give it a new name that represents them all.

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