Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

We have graciously been given the opportunity to interview the Nexon America Maple Team later this week. What a 5th Anniversary present for Maple-News! As we try to contain our excitement, we thought what better way to make all of your voices heard than to ask YOU, the MapleStory community, what you would like to know.

We will pick from a set number of questions later this week to include in our interview so be sure to leave your IGN and Server below in the comments or on our forum thread along with your question.

Without saying, please keep your questions respectful and appropriate.

NOTE: The questions with the most ‘thumbs up’ will be given the most consideration when choosing questions. Vote for your favorites in the comments below!


8 responses to “Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

  1. PizzaCrow- Windia
    Someone asked my main one, so I’ll ask another one, how often in advance do you prepare for upcoming patches?

  2. 2KFeurii- Windia
    Are there any big plans for more GMS-Exclusive content?
    P.S. NLC’s alien invasion dungeon was SUPER fun~! 😀

  3. what was the real purpose behind “destroying” Masteria with the alien invasion, and will there ever be future plans for this now crumbling continent?

    Will Sharenian Pq (Guild PQ) ever see it’s return to the maple World?

    sugarsouffle of Broa

  4. The deadline to submit a question is tomorrow at 3 PM EST (12 PM PST).

    So submit your questions and vote for your favorites by then! I’ll be going through them tomorrow afternoon and hopefully sending the complete Q&A interview to the Maple Team by tomorrow afternoon.

    Check back next week to see if your question was answered on Maple-News.com.

    Here goes nothing!

  5. Thank you all for all your questions! The time to submit questions has ended. Check back next week on Maple-News.com to read our interview with the Maple Team and see if your question was closing.

    Thank you to all who participated!


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