MapleStory Renegades Are Coming!
A WANTED shadowy character has crash landed on Maple World! Who are they and what are they looking for?


2 responses to “MapleStory Renegades Are Coming!

  1. Maplestory has failed yet again!!!!
    with their absolutely stupid idea to nearly half the attack and speed of the DemonSlayer and pretty much killed the Mercedes. And to replace all this Crap they give us a stupid Girl with a Gun!!
    Big Woop who cares? the demonslayer is the best maple has everdone and they have just ruined the entire game in less than half an hour!!!!

    I hope and pray that they put the demonslayers power back to its original state or better. The big bang patch was bad enough when they stuffed up the maps entirely, you would think they would learn from their mistakes!!!!!

    Well done maplestory cant wait to see what you mess up next.

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