Maple-News 5 Year Anniversary Omok Tournament!

 Reblogged from Omok Tournament:

Many of you already know that our friends Maple-News are having their site’s fifth year anniversary next month. Right away we contacted them asking if we could host a special mini-tournament just for the fans of Maple-News and they did agree but there was just one problem, what type of tournament would it be?

At first, we were going with a multi-world tournament which is similar to our main tournament but after much consideration for all involved, however a one-day tournament would be much more quick and easier to control.

How will this work?

On the day of the event, all participants will come over to the location, world, and time given. The brackets will be announced the week before the event however you may not start until the day of the tournament; this tournament is for one evening only!

When will this be?

The date of the event is likely to be on the date of the anniversary which is Saturday, June 30th, 2012. It will most likely begin on or about 3:00 PM in the Eastern Standard Time.

What world will this be in?

At this time, there is no world chosen for this tournament. As we still have to collect sets, it is hard to predict which world will stack in the most sets for us to use.

Who’s providing the sets?

Omok sets, you mean? Yes, the only problem with this type of tournament would be in fact be providing omok sets for those who do not have one in the selected world (which we have not yet chosen). The sets would lay on the fans to donate them to us, more information on how you can help by donating sets will be on our ‘Donation‘ page during the week.

Will Savage be there?

As this is basically the invitation, we will most likely hear from him within a few days about the matter.

How do I register?

As this is simply just an informational post, registration has yet to be open. However, it plans to be open for all participants to register on/about June 20th.

What if I miss registration?

Registration will be open for one to two weeks and it will be advertised on both the website and Maple-News so it will be pretty hard to miss however if you do in fact miss it, you cannot join in the fun. However, you may still come and watch our participants face off or if a participant is missing in action, we will gladly put you into our tournament.


I guess you will just have to wait and see.


I’m glad you are, I hope to give out a bit more information about this event during the week, hopefully everyone will come out and enjoy this special day!

Share you excitement with us and tell us which  world we should host this in the below comment area!


Let us know what you think below!

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