Renegades Update

Just this week, Nexon announced their newest and “most original” update, Renegades. Though, many say that they simply copied it from the Justice update which KMS had earlier in the year. Perhaps we will learn more in the future teaser page hints for the upcoming Renegades which can be viewed here!

From the posts I have read, there seems to have been much confusion on the three updates:

  • Jett – Playable Character
  • Phantom – Playable Character
  • Hilla & Answan– New Boss & New Party Quest

A dangerous criminal has fled to your planet after committing a heinous crime (CLASSIFIED) against the planet Cerberus and its people. We are hereby offering a hefty reward to anyone with information leading to the identification and capture of the intergalactic terrorist known as “Jett.” Contact the Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force immediately with any leads.

That message came from Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force HQ. From there we can already assume that she’s a criminal on a planet called Cerberus! As she is an exclusive character, her actual job is still unknown, however.

If you go onto the Jett teaser page, you’ll immediately notice the “D-18” (in this case) at the top; if you search into the page’s html you would notice this:

meaning that it is in fact a timer and that Jett will most likely come on June 27th.

In addition, if you continue to look at the bottom of the teaser page, you would notice this:

This only helps us confirm the release of the Jett, the other dates above will most likely be more hints adding to the one that was released during the week:

Following the Jett update will be Phantom, a Thief Hero character, which uses a cane as it’s primary weapon and cards as it’s secondary weapon.

A friend who loved the Maple World has came back to defend the Maple World and battle the Black Mage a second time. The Phantom Thief has returned.

More info about Phantom will be coming on July 2.



The final update will be Fight for Azwan! Azwan is a town that was founded many years ago, but later destroyed. Hilla then became leader of Azwan.

Hilla will be the newest newest addition to our bosses and this will also come with a Party Quest.

July 16 is the day you should see more information about Azwan and Hilla!

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