Announcing a World Alliance

The World Alliance between Yellonde, Kradia, Mardia and Chaos has been postponed to Monday, June 11, 2012.

During the week, we reported that Nexon America planned to merge a handful of worlds and now, they officially announced the worlds that will do so yesterday:

We are pleased to announce an upcoming World Alliance between Yellonde, Kradia, Mardia, and Chaos coming Thursday, June 7th.

What does this mean for the players of these worlds?

  • You will still log in to your respective world from the world select screen.
  • All of your characters will still be separated by world, so you will essentially have quadruple the character slots for the allied world!
  • When you log in to your world, you will interact with players from the three other worlds as well.
  • We are expanding the channels available to 20 in the allied world, so that those of you who want to train by yourself still can.
  • Your place in the rankings will not change, as it will still be determined on the world your character is created from.
  • If two or more guilds on the new allied world share the same guild name, they will be renamed automatically. If this happens to your guild and you would like to choose a new name, please have your guild Master submit a ticket after June 7th to Customer Support under the Game related>World Alliance-Guild category.

They have also scheduled a 2x EXP & Drop Event (for the allied world only):

In celebration of the World Alliance, we will be holding a 2x EXP & Drop Event (for the allied world only) from 2-6pm Pacific/5-9pm Eastern each day from June 7 to June 12.

In addition to that, they will also be giving out several gifts to the players of the worlds that are soon to be merged:

We will also be giving a few gifts to the players of these worlds. Please log in from June 7 to June 13 to receive a 7-Day Hired Merchant Coupon, a Diablo Messenger, and a 7-Day Pendant of the Spirit. You can only claim these gifts once per account.

If you have any questions about the merge, it is suggested that you visit this forum thread. We have included a few questions that were recently responded to within the last few hours:

Will my link skills and skills like Blessing of Fairy and Blessing of Empress extend between characters of allied worlds?

Girasol of Nexon: No, the Cygnus blessing you have on Mardia will only apply to the characters on Mardia.
I would like to end with the following message from Grizzly:
Grizzly of Nexon: Hi Maplers, thank you for your interest in our first world alliance. This project was pursued based on your opinions. We hope you know that we are listening to you. Once the first world alliance is accomplished, we will have more news on another round of world alliance.
Is everyone excited about this merge and ready for some more? Tell us in the comments below!

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