Nexon Approval Rating: May 2012

With the increased amount of discussions in the community of what needs to be fixed in MapleStory, it seems prudent to bring back the Maple-News Monthly Nexon Approval Rating. At the end of every month, a poll will be opened allowing maplers to vote anonymously as to whether they think Nexon is doing a good job running the game, or not.

Vote below and feel free to comment further about your choice.


2 responses to “Nexon Approval Rating: May 2012

  1. I’m torn, really. ‘The game is dying’ threads explain it all, the game is dying. Though, I only consider this partially Nexon’s fault. From the people I’ve talked to, it seems that the game has just been boring since it’s the same old mess with kill-stealing, showing off, and (mostly) listening to (many) people talking about their damage.

    Also, I like what someone said on BasilMarket earlier, “Now Nexon has started to change their attitude towards the game and they’ve (Nexon) started listening to us (since the game’s population has been rapidly decreasing). Also, the hackers have slowed down, maybe they’ve finally realized that they were slowly killing the game.”

    I also liked how he ended with, “But don’t worry, in the Justice update the population of all servers will probably ricochet to the sky.” – Raisen2231 (Basil ID)

    Enough about what I think, why don’t you back slap me with your thoughts? :]

    • Yeah, I totally agree. I went on a few times during the weekend when there is usually a high population online ….but even Bera was pretty empty. The game really is dying.

      I feel that the numerous updates are only a way to temporarily draw veteran players back into the game. (and as Raisen2231 said), I feel like people and the game are becoming more focused on damage (which really isn’t what makes a game fun). It is really the community … pqs…. and interacting with others which is what makes a mmorpog an mmorpg… Even back in the day, despite the boring and slow leveling, it was fun to interact with the community and the game was superfun.

      I went into kpq (which used to be a staple method of leveling) and no one was there. When I think back of the good times I had in 2006, 2007, 2008, I primarily remember the experiences I had with others doing pqs or doing quests with my friends…. something that no one seems to have time to do anymore (bc they are too busy grinding, etc).

      I also found that what keeps me into the game is sometimes the interesting storylines, and I do believe that Maple has improved on the quest-lines in the recent releases. The problem is that everything is that all those classes have been WAY too overpowered. I think Nexon is moving in the right direction by trying to balance the classes.

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