[JMS] “Maple Road” #100 Reveals More Than MapleStory : Legend



In a dialog preview of patches Nexon releases before every update, they revealed something extremely interesting. Now, I will begin by saying this : Maple Road dialogs they release aren’t always accurate – meaning that they give hints to stuff that may not be implemented. That said, they’re talking about some interesting stuff here.



They start off saying “Legend!” and talking about the monkey Cannon Shooter tags along with and how there’s a new area near Ellinia with a bunch of elves (obviously Mercedes’ town – Eurel). They continue talking about MapleStory : Legend updates with talk about the new speed boost (20% base speed increase for all classes). Now… here’s the part that caught my eye :



They start talking about a Safari — it should be obvious what this is. They continue to talk about the car (The one that leads you to Monster Park) and how the NPC reminds them of Monster Carnival (Spiegleman). They then start talking about how it’s the 100th Maple Road and in the same line, they reveal something we didn’t expect – Magician Jump update. Now, when I read “魔法少年,” I didn’t initially think “Magician Jump,” I just thought it was something they were blabbering on about with some event or something. But then they start talking about the Warriors, Archers and Cygnus classes. Obviously, they’re talking about the MapleStory : Jump update.



That’s all of the really surprising information they revealed. They go on to hint about the Halloween events and the events for Cannon Shooter and Mercedes (the one currently going on) that give an EXP boost if you use the potions on those characters.



The bottom line is : We’re getting MapleStory : JUMP! and MapleStory : Legend in one patch.




If you wish to view the dialog for yourself or would like to prove me wrong, the link to the dialog is here : http://maplestory.nexon.co.jp/support/info/view.asp?no=618691&strsectionid=&strboardid=maplestorynote&p=1


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