MapleStory: Ascension

More in depth, Ascension is the new “Jump” patch gMS has been waiting for.

We’ll start from the basics:

The Korean Version of MapleStory had their own little BBP for warriors, mages, and archers named the JUMP patch. The patch included some other features to add to the game such as the PQ revamp, more party bonus areas excluding LHC which was stripped, a new bonus training area known as the Monster Park, and other more into 3 separate patches.

Fortunately for gMS, we are able to get them all into one patch coming soon on Sept 28 known as Ascension! It also includes some unique events and wedding revamp as well so we’re getting more than we asked for.

Quote from the DEV BLOG:

Remember when I said that “Ascension” wasn’t “Jump!”? As your dev team, it is our responsibility to not just take what comes out of Korea and drop it in Global MapleStory. We evaluate the content to figure out both what works well with our version of MapleStory and what pleases our players. In doing so, we made some significant changes to the “Jump!” content:

   • Party Play: Korean MapleStory chose to remove all Party Play bonuses other than Monster Park. We knew that many of you were disappointed by this news, so we listened to our community and retained the bonuses in Ascension.

   • Weddings: Ascension will introduce a new, simpler wedding system. The update will give you more options for weddings and make the required quest both faster and easier to complete. We are also debuting 30-day and 100-day renewal ceremonies for couples that are already happily married!

   • Events: We’ve added some cool events just for Global MapleStory. Details are coming soon, and I think you’ll really like them!

Pretty excited? Here are some links to prepare yourself to enjoy Ascension:

Credits to Shakar and MapleStory for information!


6 responses to “MapleStory: Ascension

  1. I’ve been saying they need an event calendar in the game itself for about a year now, I’m glad they finally are implementing it.

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