v.99 – Chaos: Age of Artisans

As many of you know, this update includes the long-awaited PROFESSIONS! Now there are two categories of professions, which are HARVESTING and CRAFTING. There are two HARVESTING professions: HERBALISM and MINING, and there are three CRAFTING professions: ALCHEMY, SMITHING, and ACCESSORY CRAFTING.

The following words below help explain more about Ardentmill and about professions.

Ardentmill is the town where you can learn harvesting and crafting professions, and where you can purchase items related to these professions. You can reach Ardentmill by using the portal labeled “Crafting Town”, which is located in most towns.
Important NPCs:
* Grant is the village elder, who allows you to learn professions.
* Saffron teaches Herbalism.
* Cole teachese Mining.
* Ally teaches Alchemy.
* Gere teaches Smithing.
* Intaglio teaches Accessory Crafting.
* Nack sells items necessary for crafting and tickets to the Secret Herb Patch/Mine.
* Ramsey and Angelica sell new recipes.

Requirement: Lv.30 or higher with 2nd job advancement
* There are two categories of professions: harvesting and crafting.
* There are two harvesting professions: Herbalism and Mining.
* There are three crafting professions: Alchemy, Smithing, and Accessory Crafting.
* Learning Herbalism is a requirement before you can learn Alchemy.
* Learning Mining is a requirement before you can learn Smithing or Accessory Crafting.
* After learning a profession, you can unlearn it through that profession’s master. Your level of mastery in that profession will return to zero if you choose to unlearn it.
* Herbalism allows you to gather seeds and flowers which are located in Saffron’s Secret Herb Patch in Ardentmill and some hunting maps. It also allows you to use those to create items needed for Alchemy.
* Mining allows you to gather ores which are located in Cole’s Secret Mine in Ardentmill and some hunting maps. It also allows you to refine ores to create items needed for Smithing and Accessory Crafting.
* Alchemy allows you to create buff potions and transformation potions using herb oil.
* Smithing allows you to create weapons and armor using refined ore. You can eventually learn how to make an Android companion.
* Accessory Crafting allows you to create equipment items such as rings, pendants, and shoulder accessories using refined ore.
* Using your profession earns you experience in that profession in order to raise its mastery level. Higher levels of mastery enable you to harvest or craft better items.
* Some items for further crafting can’t be made. Some can be bought from Nack, Ramsey, or Angelica in Ardentmill, others are dropped by monsters.
* The Production Skill menu is set to the [B] key by default.

You will gain Fatigue Points while performing profession skills. If your Fatigue Point meter fills up, you won’t be able to use profession skills again for a little while. You can reduce your Fatigue points by using certain potions sold by Nack in Ardentmill or by using a Fatigue Reset Coupon from the Cash Shop. Your Fatigue Points will also reduced by five each hour, and they will be completely reset to 0 each day at 12 AM Pacific.

Another big thing that came along with the professions are the PERSONALITY TRAITS:


The professions system gives you more ways to expand your character’s traits. Traits allow you to increase certain abilities of you characters, and they can be leveled up. The traits are: Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, and Charm. You can view your traits in the Character Info menu or in the Production Skill menu if you are Lv.30 or above. Each trait has 100 levels. Here are some ways to raise your traits.
* Ambition: Increase it by hunting boss monsters. Effect: Increases your Attack for Battle Mode (coming soon).
* Empathy: Increase it by harvesting herbs. Effect: Increases your Max MP and your Quest EXP.
* Insight: Increase it by mining. Effect: Increases your Accuracy and Avoidability and allows you to check the Hidden Potential of items without using a Magnifying Glass.
* Willpower: Increase it by participating in party quests. Effect: Increases Weapon Defense and Magic Defense, and builds resistance to abnormal status effects.
* Diligence: Increase it by crafting. Effect: Increases scroll success rates and doubles profession mastery gain.
* Charm: Increase it by gaining fame, equipping Cash equipment, changing your hair or face style, or changing your hair, eye, or skin color. Effect: Gives quests to add a Pocket slot to your Equip Inventory, to gain special items, and to gain Facial Expression Cash Item. You can purchase Pocket Items from Nave in Henesys Market.
* Raising your level in a trait will eventually unlock quests that will reward you with medals specific to that trait.


Item Pot and Imps
* The shortcut for your Item Pot is the [Y] key by default.
* The Item Pot can contain herbs, ore, or an Imp that can be obtained from monsters over Lv.20.
* There are two types of Imps: Orange Imps and Gemstone Imps.
* Double click an Imp in your item inventory to raise it in an Item Pot.
* Imps grow by eating equipments that are of a level similar to you or by eating monster drops.
* Feeding an Imp will raise its Closeness for a set duration.
* You can gain rewards by successfully raising an Imp. Better rewards are given for higher Closeness points.
* Double click on the fully grown Imp to put it in your item inventory.
* When your Imp gets sick, you can purchase a cure from Nack in Ardentmill.


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