Nexon Power Outage, Check Here for Info.

From the Maple Site:


**Update!** We have completed the maintenance now and all game servers are up and running. We were able to determine that the database did not experience any failure and all player data was saved normally when it shut down, this means players should not experience any rollback because of this incident. We apologize again for this inconvenience, we have extended all Cash Shop items expiration dates by 24 hours. Thank you and happy Mapling!

Hello Maplers,

This morning, we lost power in our west coast server center which caused all servers to unexpectedly shut down. This downtime affected our website as well as game and login servers. We apologize for the downtime and our inability to update you quickly about this issue. Right now we are on emergency power at the server center and while all game servers are up we are still experiencing issues with MapleStory. For now we advise players to not log into the game. We may require some maintenance on the database before you are able to log in normally. Please continue to check back here for updates.

Thank you
– MapleStory Staff –


It seems that all the Nexon webpages have crashed, and are unreachable. This means that anyone that can only use the website method of entering the game cannot enter, and, and all the nexon game sites are not reachable, we don’t know what happened, and there has been no notifications on the Twitter or Facebook of Maple Story. We will update you on anything we figure out.

There are rumors that there are some new exploits surfacing, and Nexon has gotten wind of them, but that does not explain why all of the Nexon Games, and webpages are offline. 12:37 est.

This could also be a DDoS on the Nexon Sites, but that would be a very crazy thing to plan, but it can be a possibility. 12:39 est.

Another possibility for the cause of this could be a Earthquake. There are reports of a 3.2 magnitude Earth Quake in Central Cali a few hours ago, so this may have resulted in power lines, and etc being knocked out. It would explain why all the sites are offline, and the games. 12:53 pm

Seems there may have been an earth quake, and it has caused power outages, as you can see on this map! We will notify you when the servers are online.


9 responses to “Nexon Power Outage, Check Here for Info.

  1. Er… well I live in California, and here a 3.2 earthquake isn’t a very big deal… I don’t think it would have knocked very much out. Might have shaken a few buildings, but just barely.

    Unless Nexon wasn’t prepared for earthquakes in CALIFORNIA and left their server computers hanging halfway off the desks and they fell over or something. O.o

  2. Apparently it is, but upon entering my PIC, it says ‘failed to an unknown reason, please try again later’.

    Actually, it tells me to create a PIC, but I already had one. >_<

  3. I was just on and everything seems to be working. I’m sure individuals will continue to experience sporadic issues but they seem to have everything back online.

    Speculation time! What do you guys think caused the power failure?

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