FarmerStory and NidoMS have both Closed Their Doors!!

NidoMS, another one of the top Maple Story servers to close this week. Just to clear all the speculation, NidoMS was not DMCA’ed, but the owner, Flav, had a talk with Lloyd Korn, and they came to the aggreeement to drop the project. NidoMS was the only v90 server, and at a time was Neck to Neck with Nexon NA.

This is what was left on the NidoMS webpage:

Dear visitor,
We always said that if once NEXON requests us to shutdown NidoMS we will do so because it’s not worth fighting for something that we know is wrong. Flav talked to Lloyd Korn who works for NEXON and decided it’s the best drop this project, though it’s really not easy for us. NidoMS is done for good and there won’t be another server based on our source as we deleted all copies of the client and the server source, so please do not bother us regarding this.

I guess there’s not much more to say, if there is we will update this page again, so make sure to check back whenever you have time. We just want to thank all of you for the great time we had together and we really hope that we can keep in touch with all our loyal players.
We will most likely not put the forums online again but if you want to talk to each other again to share your email addresses you can do so in our IRC channel.

Rest in Peace, NidoMS!

At least we reached our goal and made it to #1 on the toplists in less than a year and reached more than 1,000 users playing at the same time!

NidoMS Administration

FarmerStory has been reported Shut Down by Nexon. They were one of the most popular Maple Story Server out there, and have lasted for a while. They are now closed.

This was left on the website of Farmer Story.

Hello to all reading this. This is the announcement regarding FarmerStory that I don’t to announce, but in the end I have decided my future over your temporary enjoyment (because, in the end, you’ll quit again).

I have worked in MapleStory servers for about two and a half years, with a broken segment after SydneyMS was gone. I was proud to bring on the legacy of the standardised chickens in conjunction with high meso rates and Max Stat Items in SydneyMS (Max Stat Items thanks to Gwen who got to 32767 all stats first…which gave me the idea), a completely random and broken down PokemonMS which actually taught me a few coding tips to lead on to FarmerStory, where I continued the occupation legacy.

But now it’s time to face the truth. FarmerStory, when I came back from exams, camp and work experience, was already dying. The economy was urgh’d and the respected players of the community seemed to have lost that. Most of my good friends from the old days now have a life to attend to and since I’m starting Year 11 (or, in American, 11th grade), my life isn’t going to be as simple anymore.

So, yes, FarmerStory will be shutting down, but not because of the sole purpose of letting you guys down for my life enjoyment (although that should be a good enough reason…) but also because of Nexon. They have been on the rampage since the end/beginning of last/this year. They claim to have taken action against Rydah, which explains the quick shutdown notice, Destiny’s shutdown and Krypto, a major fighter pro MapleStory Emulation. The term I reached with him to avoid a lawsuit was thus;

‘Do not sell, release or distribute the website or its source and/or source code to another person or entity and do not make any plans to start another Nexon-related private server site……you will put a message on your site that after talking to Nexon…copyright infringement is wrong and unlawful and that you also strongly suggest that everyone that has a private server site shut down for their own good.’
So indeed the website has shutdown, no I should not start another private server, not WILLINGLY GIVE OUT IT’S SOURCE –cough Nathan stop trying to steal it- and that I should shutdown FarmerStory (which I had to anyway so I guess it was an interest, but not the best). As for copyright infringement, I’ll just leave that there because it was part of the agreement. I guess it’s also my job to inform you…DELETE DA CLIENT OR YOUR PRIVATE SERVER NOW. I highly doubt most of you will follow, though, but I guess I tried my hardest.

Now I consider myself lucky that I have the chance to post up this long farewell message for you to know as much as you can whereas others left you essentially with nothing. You should consider yourself lucky that I bothered.

Back to the point, I am not going to leave FarmerStory without a proper farewell, which incorporates both this message and many events on my Sunday and Monday (which includes free occupation changing, really high exp rates and chocoloads of Magic Scales…) The website had to be shut down but he never mentioned the server, so I’m going to abuse it a little and say the final moment of FarmerStory will be on Tuesday, 11 January at 12AM (AEST), or Monday 10 January at 6am (PST), just before Korn has to get back to work.

The forums will be up for the next two months. Additionally, I’m planning to make my own 2D mini-RPG game for those who are interested…details if I actually get some of it working on the forums. Come back and visit now and again before the end of February so you know what’s up.

So now I guess it’s time for credits for building the MapleStory spoon-fed dream! This may be a long list so bear with me for a moment:

There it is, now Officially two of the best Maple Story servers have been closed down only days before the release of the Final Big Bang Update. NidoMS, and FarmerStory have both been around for a while, and both were successful. I am sure many people will miss them. We just hope this can kind of set a perspective for many people, about Private Server, because it’s never going to be anything permanent. As you can see, NidoMS, and FarmerStory administrations, both agrees that it is wrong to run a Private Server, and have stepped down, when finally asked to do so. It isn’t something to “rage” at Nexon over. They are a company, and a large corporation that is trying to do what it is supposed to do, and that is make money, and provide millions of players around the world many good games to play. Maple Story has changed a lot in the past year, and it will keep changing a lot more, I am sure anyone who got to level 200 on NidoMS, can surely get close to it on the Global Servers. Especially GMS, it is much easier than we anticipated.

We all here at, hope you all had great holidays, and Thank You for being our viewers.




* Thank You. Flav. for kindly trying to notify me on the closing.


32 responses to “FarmerStory and NidoMS have both Closed Their Doors!!

  1. Eh, we don’t have any confirmed reports of it being closed, but it is off the Rankings, and the forums, and website have been offline. I will update ASAP.

  2. XuzionMS hasnt been shut down by the looks of their website up and running. ‘We are moving to v94’ says one of the pictures on the website lol.

  3. Yes, I know right now NIdoMS, and XuzionMS are or are going to shut down soon. I, for some reason, cannot get connected to the XuzionMS website, and I googled them, and if you use the cache button, you can see their website a few days ago, and on their forums they have disabled them, and left this message. “DMCA’d by Nexon =( But: They got a mistake in their DMCA-e-mail. Maybe we are not going to go down. Please check back later to see what happens.” Now, for now I will not make any articles on it, but I am aware they are both going to be offline sooner or later. NidoMS hasn’t had any official announcement, so I won’t put that up for now either. Just for the people that will try to tear me apart if I do put it up… x-x.

  4. I can’t blame NEXON, they thought that their stupid Resistance and Big Bang will kill the Private Server business. They were wrong.

    FarmerStory is one of the best customized private server out there. No surprises there that NEXON will go after them first.

  5. Dustin ( owner of NidoMS ) which I spoke to said that he got few emails from lloyd, threating him If he will not shut down the server that he will sue him. NidoMS gtop100 account is given to CelinoSEA, because they deserved it. NidoMS has just gone underground and will not appear anywhere where nexon can find it.
    So for now the site has been shut down, at least for now. What happens in the future still remains unknown.

  6. Xuzion didn’t got DMCA, they were just newbs trolling people with a false v.94. Posting fake clients and 0 screenshots. Nido didn’t got DMCA, shot down or w/e, they are just having issues with the forum.

  7. NidoMS didn’t receive a DMCA or anything of that sort. I had a talk with Lloyd Korn and decided to drop the project, that’s all.

  8. We would have made it anyways, at the month Rydah was still up we had problems with our webhost. And Rydah was only #1 because their users were allowed to use proxies to vote, the month GTop patched this and Nido came very close they went down.

  9. zz. Farmerstory and NidoMS can just work with Nexon or something! Like whatever money fms and nido makes , nexon gets a percentage of it. then , they wont need to close those good servers

  10. It is a good idea but do you really think Nexon will just work with private servers?
    I mean, Wizet -> Nexon -> Private Servers. If it werent for Nexon or Wizet ,Private servers would’ve never existed. But yea… if they worked together they would make millions 🙂

  11. This is MummyKing, I came from farmerstory.
    The forum was shut down, so I don’t know where to go anymore.

    Dont know much else to say. Probably no one I know will see this anyway.

  12. i can belive it famerstory and the other game were the best i why did they shut them down =[ =[ =[ =[ = [= [= =[

  13. its official. nexon is gay and i hate it. even though i don’t even play those games. for some reason i just really hate nexon o___e and this is comming from a 13 year old.

  14. last day on farmerstory i kept asking for chickens. people were generous and i had enough for a good mount. i thank all of the people who gave me chickens for a mount at the last day! now i need to sob in the corner again. ;n;

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