[JMS] First BigBang Outside of Korea


Japanese MapleStory, the first version to get BigBang outside of Korea. On November 24th, Japan will recive the first of 3 patches that signify the BigBang. If you go to the Campagin Site, you will be first taken to a little comic slideshow, to find an awesome looking space-themed (probably to fit the BigBang theme) web-page with some dream-like music. Being the first version to get the Big Bang out of Korea, I am both congradulatory and envious that they got the BigBang. But anyway, congradulations to JMS players on getting the BigBang. GMS players should probably be expecting the BigBang about a month later.

Sources: MSUpdate, JMS Official Site

CliffNote: JMS has neither Ice Gorge nor Chaos Bosses, and I think JMS should atleast get the Chaos Bosses first, for they add plot to the whole “the Black Magician is coming back” thing.


4 responses to “[JMS] First BigBang Outside of Korea

  1. JapanMS won’t get the three Big Bang updates from November 3 to 15. Big Bang will be in JMST from those dates. JapanMS will get the first Big Bang update on November 24, hence the huge “28 Days” countdown.

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