Gets Hacked!

Update: 10/20/10: 8:44 pm EST. is back to normal, and seems like what the hackers wanted may have been done. We will keep a eye on the site for future things. Till Than, Happy Halloween? It’s on it’s way! :3, you know what that means.

Dear MNNians,

After the popular Private Server Ranking Site, was somewhat nerfed, took it’s spot. is basically right now the top ranking site for Maple Story Private Servers. Not others, but Maple Story ones for sure. Today, I went to look through it, and as I typed in, I am amazed to see this.

Yes, all the ranks have been hacked by a Group Called “Near Reality”. Near Reality is a Rune Scape private server, and apparently they have hacked the whole site, except for the front page, but they are Rank 1 on the main page. If you go to any specific game section you will see that the whole section is there server alone. We don’t have much information on the situation yet, but as I find out something new, I will update the post.




The Private Servers Site. link is self explanatory.


14 responses to “ Gets Hacked!

  1. Lol that proves in no way that the site was hacked big deal so it shows 1 screen shot of 3 of the same server you call that a hack? I call that more like something else. None the less if it was hacked it was hacked in the most common way SQL Injection.

  2. That proves NOTHING! You can only assume. I don’t know any idiot who would hack a site and not deface the website to begin with possibly some glitch is all within the site. Trust me when people hack a website they let it be known it was hacked by putting HACKED!!!! in the site Runescape is a stupid game anyways not like what they did got them any more players I don’t think hacking and putting a link to there runescape page would get them more people. that game is stupid.

    Like wise if it did in fact get hacked it was via an SQL Injection I mean come on you can download them top site scripts for free and downloaded NULLED scripts is really foolish.

  3. sigh, All we are trying to say, is someone replaced every other site ranked in specific rankings to the Near Reality one. IN other words a type of Hack. I’m sure wouldn’t glitch it to where every rank on a certain specific game is the same Rune Scape server. Either someone not related to the server did that to flood the forums, and etc, or someone related to the server did it. You maybe right, and I maybe right also, or not, but it’s fixed. If something happens again. I will try to get more insight on it.

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