[KMS] KoC – The Ultimate Adventurer

What is the “Ultimate Adventurer”?

The Ultimate Adveturer is the newest class in KMS. You can only make one when you achived Lv. 120 on a Knight of Cygnus character.

How do you make an Ultimate Adventurer?

Upon reaching level 120, the highest level for a Knight of Cygnus, and becoming a Captain Knight, you will recive a task from the Empress of Ereb. She asks for you to collect 10 peridots from the monster Haf in Leafre.

After you get all 10 peridots, return to the Empress of Ereb to get your reward. 2 new Knight of Cygnus skills and the ability to make an Ultimate Adventurer.

What skills would I get?

The Empress’s Call


It adds 20%  HP and MP permanently. Master level is 1. (passive skill)


The Empress’s Prayer 









For 2 hours, your weapon and magic attack increases by 4%. The buff will stay active until the time runs out. If you die, the buff doesn’t disappear. Cooldown: 1 day. Master level is 1.

Alright, get to the chase. How exactly do I make an Ultimate Adveturer?

Once you’re ready to make an Ultimate Adventurer, The Empres of Ereb will give you a new quest. If you have an extra character slot open, you will be prmpted with the Character Creation UI. If not, you will not be able to make an Ultimate Adventurer. After the UI appears, you will be asked to enter your new In-Game Name and select what Job you will want. The other options are the basic faces and hair styles. You can select from any of the original classes’ 2nd Jobs (Spearman, Paladin, Fighter, Assassin, Bandit, Hunter, Crossbowman, Gunslinger, Infighter, I/L Wizard, F/P Wizard, or Cleric). The class you choose will determine which Final Cygnus Skill you would get. Example: Infighters and Gunslingers whould get Sharkwave, which would be usable with both guns and knucklers. After logging out, you will see the Ultimate Adventurer in its respectable town at Lv. 50. The SP/AP are not automaticly distributed, so you can use them to your whim.

What would my new Ultimate Adventurer come with?

You will get a full set of “Empress” equipment and a badge that says <Your KoC IGN goes here>’s Successor. The equipment will show a Lv. requirement of 60, but you can equip them at Lv.50 with a new skill: Empress’s Strengthening (available through a quest from the Adventurer job instructor)

4 set bonus
HP: +100
MP: +100
Physical Defense: +50
Magic Defense: +50

5 set bonus
AllStat: +6
Weapon Attack: +5
Magic: +5
Physical Defense: +100
Magic Defense: +100
Speed: +20


Medal’s Stats:
AllStat: +2
Speed: +15
Jump: +15

 Oh, and one more thing:


Source: Spadow’s Blog


12 responses to “[KMS] KoC – The Ultimate Adventurer

  1. Hey Spadow… i’m a curious mapleSEA player…. can we have more info about the items they give and also what is the level limit of the ultimate adventurer? They should follow the same lv200 limit right? o.o

  2. @Darian
    Thank You for your reply Darian ^^ i appreciate it! (though i have found out awhile ago) Thanks for the feedback 😛 really look forward to it ! God Bless You =)

    One 120 KOC can only be entitled to One Special class Ultimate Adventurer.

  3. @xyz Yes you can make any adventurer class (except for dual blade) i guess.

    @Some Dude..
    I don’t really get what you mean but if your account has a level 120 knight of cygnus, all your characters should have the 24 weapon attack, magic attack, accuracy and avoidability bonuses.
    The Blessing, either Blessing of Fairy or Empress’ Blessing(the new one), with the higher buff given will be dominant over the weaker one. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi, Im a MapleSEA player too. Any idea what is the capped level for Ultimate Adventurer? Is it 120 or 200?

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