Midnight Ban in KMS? *UPDATED*

Apparently in South Korea gaming addiction is a major problem and gaming companies are being forced to take action. It has been suggested that the Midnight Ban was being tested out over the past few days and has failed.

So what exactly does the Midnight Ban do?

FalconPerch has the story. Click here to read the rest of the post.

UPDATE 8/31/10:

After further investigation it appears that there is a good chance Nexon Korea will be implementing the Midnight Ban system sometime in September according to their latest Press Conference. Below is a time chart courtesy of FalconPerch’s blog outlining EST and PST.


If the Midnight Ban is implemented users under 18-20 (I’m not sure what the exact age is…it’s either one of those 3) will have to choose one of three offered 6 hour time slots that they will be unable to play each day. I asked for a time table for EST and PST on EF and ShiKage was kind enough to provide one.

Here are your choices (such that they are):

EDT (spring ~ summer time) :

11am to 5pm
noon to 6pm
1pm to 7pm

EST (Fall ~ winter time) :

10am to 4pm
11am to 5pm
noon to 6pm

PDT (spring ~ summer time) :

8am to 2pm
9am to 3pm
10am to 4pm

PST (Fall ~ winter time) :

7am to 1pm
8am to 2pm
9am to 3pm

Those are the times you will not be able to play.

To clarify you will pick ONE of the 3 offered time slots that you will not be able to play if this in fact is implemented. Although it won’t completely destroy your ability to play KMS it will certainly annoy many users and if this does happen I’m sure there will be quite a bit of ragequitting on both the English and Korean sides. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Discuss things further on our forums or below.


5 responses to “Midnight Ban in KMS? *UPDATED*

  1. 1. The age is still being decided on. In Korea, when you turn 14 you are now legally an adult.

    2. “Anyone under 19 will be either unable to login, be disconnected, experience extreme lag, or be temporarily banned while attempting to play KMS after 12 AM.”. I’m going to assume that you were reading Spadow’s blog. He’s wrong. If you look at the articles in his sources, it states that 19 GAMES will be affect, not the age 19.

    3. As far as anyone knows, it’s still being decided. They haven’t chosen to implement anything yet. But I highly guarantee they’ll do this midnight ban.

    Great post, and thanks for the update!

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