The Korean Game Market May Exceed $ 2 Billion in revenue in 2011!

The Korean Game Market is estimated to exceed $ 2,000,000,000 in revenue next year! Pearl Research says that according to a new study that the Korean Game Market is expanding extremely fast over seas, and this will exceed their revenue to $ 2 billion by the next year. About 3 of the 5 top Korean Game companies have seen a 50% growth in revenue in the past year, and one of those top companies is Nexon Inc. Nexon reported that for the first time ever non- Korean sales accounted for the majority of their global revenue in 2009, which was 703.6 billion ($ 586 million) with titles such as MapleStory, and Dungeon Fighter Online. Publisher of Soul of the Ultimate Nation, NHN, also reported a 50% growth of their revenues. Publisher of CrossFire, NeoWiz, also reported a growth for 2009 as well. The Korean Game Market has expanded immensely over seas, and many of the Korean Titles have become very popular in other countries. MapleStory has gotten extremely popular not only in North America, but South East Asia. Brazil, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and much more. The Korean Game Market have lead the way in new online business models for MMOs across the world. U.S. Game companies also are expanding over seas with the release of Fifa Online 2 in Korea. It has gained a lot of popularity especially with the World Cup, which recently ended. This helped draw attention and set the stage for many event ideas. World of Warcraft is also gaining big popularity in the Korean Region as well. Many Gaming Companies all over the world are expanding not only in their own regions, but out side their markets. It has been a success for many, and some not the best. 80% of PC usage comes from Korea only, and it’s growing with even more U.S. companies expanding there.



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