Ultimate Game Cards Discontinued by Nexon America!

Nexon America recently announced that they will be discontinuing the Ultimate Game Cards for Nexon Cash. For the people that do not know what these are, well they are basically the same as Nexon Game Cards. You are able to buy them from a Store, such as: Wal-Mart, 7- Eleven, CVS, and Many more. You go home, and scratch the back, and there is a bar-code, you got to the Nexon America website, log in, and you can charge your account. You can purchase $10, and $25 cards, but these Ultimate Game Cards you could by for $20, and you were able to get the Nexon Cash. These cards are usable for over 1,000 online games, and you could purchase these from almost any store that sells gift cards. The Game Cards are a really good way to get Nexon Cash for the players that do not have parents nice enough to purchase it for us, and for players that do not have a credit card. This can really become a problem for those players, that have no access to Nexon Game Cards, because of there location, and the stores that have the Ultimate Game Card, and is available to the players could access Nexon Cash, but with the cards being discontinued this can cause issues for many players.



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