Connectivity Problems Resolved

Earlier this week many players on the East Coast were relieved to find out that they could now play the game normally once again. Since the beginning of March users have been experiencing issues entering specific channels and the Cash Shop/MTS. After a 29 page thread on Nexon forums last Wednesday after a server check users began to be able to play normally.

We’re glad to hear its working for you and hopefully everybody else who is experiencing this specific connectivity issue. – Hime

I was one of those people experiencing the same issues over the past month. According to Nexon, there was a connectivity problem between the IPs used by Cablevision/Optimum Online, a prominent East Coast internet and cable provider, and their ability to connect to MapleStory. When contacted Cablevision said it was a problem on Nexon’s side; but would look into it anyway. Better late than never.

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2 responses to “Connectivity Problems Resolved

  1. Hime=steorotypical moderator. Never say anything bad about your company even if it’s true; don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    Now I wonder what kind of excuse will the GMs say when hackers managed to find a way to duplicate items and have a firesale on the FM market, crashing the value of all items.

    The result? A big-ass probelm for GMs, which leads to more complaints, then eventually quitting by players.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying item duplication will ever happen. But consider the recent pitch note events: Some hackers such as Afroman in Broa (he got banned, obviously) decided to hack the pitch note events, giving them unlimited amount of pitch notes for the pitch note lottery.

    This led to a downfall in chaos scroll prices; they used to be worth about 100M but then dropped to an all time low of 27M at midnight of the 1st day of hacking. And yes, I am one of those people that profitted from this, but don’t yell at me for taking advantage of this.

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