Dual Blade new thief ADVENTURER?


A lot of new information has been posted on the new “Dual Blade” job in the past few days. First off the release date is 2/25 which is just around the corner! Second, the biggest buzz about it so far is that even though the Dual Blade class will have its own cash shop, its being promoted as the 3rd adventurer thief class. With the other two being Bandit and Assassin of course. A couple reasons most people are thinking it will be an adventurer is because, the job IDs of the current heroes (Aran & Evan) are 21XX and 22XX. Where the job ID for the Dual Blade is 430 which falls in to the thief category. Another reason that Dual Blade is leaning more towards the adventurer side is, in a recent presentation Nexon shows that the Dual Blade class when you select a character looks VERY similar to the adventurers unlike the two heros.

Also another thing that is pushing towards adventurer is its job advancements.
1st Job Advancement (Lv. 10) → Rogue
2nd Job Advancement (Lv. 20) → Semi Dualer
2nd Job Advancement + (Lv. 30) → Dualer
3rd Job Advancement (Lv. 55) → Dual Master
3rd Job Advancement + (Lv. 70) → Slasher
4th Job Advancement (Lv. 120) → Dual Blader

Not to mention the main city is based right by Kerning City.

But of course nothing is for certain with Nexon. It hasn’t even hit Tespia yet so its one of those things that could change any moment. Like always we will keep you up to date as information becomes released.

Below are some sneak peaks of the new skills Dual Blade will have to offer once release.

Flying Assaulter

Owl Dead

Upper Stab

Sudden Death

Bloody Storm

Chain Hell


80 responses to “Dual Blade new thief ADVENTURER?

  1. Ahahaha, finally this forum is becoming more active. But, you can easily find this on KMS site (that is, if you speak Korean)


    To be specific, I estimate that the new class will come around VERY late May-Early July of 2010 (due to the fact that Nexon may put maps such as Neo Tokyo in more priority)

    If there are no planned map expansions (Neo Tokyo, Buddhist Temple, Taipei 101/Kerning Mall, etc) Then the dual blades class should come within May to June at the LATEST. Perhaps as early as mid April.

    If further maps are coming, it is possible to still have it in May but the chances are slightly more likely that the dual blades update will come in VERY early June.

    (NOTE: Highly susceptible to change; I will further check on ideas of the R & D department of Nexon Inc.)

    *For those that don’t know, R & D= Research and Development.

    P.S. I miss Savage’s squrriel……it keeps running away from me….. I just wanna pet it TT~TT’

  2. Love it! 😄

    i also wonder when it’s going to come out on global maple story but, when aran was comming out, evan was also coming out in kms (i don’t know if was it like this) so… maybe evan can comeout in gms when dual blade comes in kms… and then after a few months (we could con’t the time bewteen releases) dual blade in gms… maybe…

  3. Nah MSEA n MSGobal will have Evan 1st MSEA: MAY-JULY, While MSGobal Probably afew weeks after SEA release Evan , so , Dual Blade might be release in August – October =D

  4. I predict its release will be upon July-ish 2010.

    But my sad side sais:

    Just like in Summer 2009 (July) when they released KoC in GMS, 70% of the players were at Ereve, but as little as a month later, that 70% turned into a 10% of players were KoC’s, while the 85% were Adventurers, and the 4%’s were Perma Beginners, and 1% were Perma Noblesses. Or anything like that.

    Just like in December 2009, when they released Aran. The first month, it was 99% of all the players were Aran. Then the next few weeks. They all quit and it fell to like.. 20% of Arans. And the rest are back to Adventurers. Adventurers seem to be getting the love..

    So I predict for Dual Bladers, they will be POPULAR.

    So I think Nexon knows that we love Adventurers, so they are adding stuff to it. Like Episode 2, Dual Bladers, wow!

  5. Yeah, what Wind said.
    MapleSEA usually gets new jobs earlier (yay)…..
    @Sethenzu: Yeah, MapleSEA was flooded by Knights of Cygnus and Arans when they came out…. Then, people slowly began to revert to Adventurers (myself included)
    I was one of the first people in the world to know about Dual Blades…… have you ever felt that you know something most of the 6 billion people in the world don’t know? Woah…

  6. Hurm, base on the release dates, i think MSEA would have Evan during Maple Anniversary, and Dual Blades MIGHT be released In Nov/December 2010 / Jan 2011
    Evan during maple anniversarry would mean Asiasoft would have more income (people buying @cash during holidays) and also from the Nov ++ as kids are on holidays. So, its still a money making thing 😄

  7. I believe that dual bladers will come out in summerish. I dont know why but i have a feeling!!

  8. Right now evan r already out in gms. They came out march 31 which was earlier than wat u said. So u might be right about dual bladers… June ish… But I wanna know if u turn from a theif Into a dual blader at level 30… Just if I should make a level 30 theif so I will be ahead of every1 when they come out. Ty ❤

  9. @To Ms Global

    Nce idea, but don’t make a lvl30 thief for dual blades. Why? Because you actually start out as a rougue once you hit lvl10 and talk to the dark lord. Then a few lvls later, only then will you become a dualer. Basically having a lvl30 thief is kinda pointless….o.o

  10. I kinda agree with xJonPlayer3 about when Dual Bladers are coming out. I also agree with Sethenzu because not only what he said is probably right, thiefs are also usually more popular because their skills are cool.

  11. Well, @wind, you are right, because you become a dual blader at lvl 20, not 30. so its quite pointless. plus you have a menuscreen, you cant just make one from a regular rouge. you have to actually create a new character that is specifically a dual blader. sucks, but yeah, all your time in vain 😦

  12. ya, obviously ur gonna wait for it, everyone loves thiefs so much
    so ur jus like everyone

  13. There has been alot of fuss that dualers will come out during summer but also will have a 3 month ( only able to play them for 3 months) limit which would be complete bs. If nexon is going to create a new class what’s the point of all that work for only 3 months of play?

  14. @Deviance

    I agree with you on those rumors. In fact, I think they’re just as a fail as this pic below (LOL)

  15. what’s the difference of choosing:
    lv 10 – 20 – 55
    lv 10 – 30 – 70 – 120

    and which one is better (stronger) so i don’t have to start all over because i made wrong choice…


  16. @everyone
    this is the line were some of you are right and some of you are wrong. Take into account that the new classes are vastly increasing in their release dates. Take Aran for example. Aran class came to GMS 4 months ahead of scheduled(only class they released a date). it was set to come at march 10th 2010. Though it has been released Dec 2009. as with the realease of Aran it has set the times estimated for the other classes to appear.
    As everyone should be aware of, KMS is first, the rest of the maplestory versions are branches. if a class has been released in KMS and has been released in GMS, the time can be estimated. Aran came out, 4 months later Evans came out. once Arans came out. Evans time could be estimated.Dual Blader for GMS would be late July to early August if we follow the time given after evan was released in KMS.
    And to settle to confusion of the 3 month time frame for Dual blader, its not that you CANT play it anymore. its that this class is a LIMITED TIME OFFER class. Meaning once the 3 months is up, the people WHO DIDNT make one, CANT. some of you people need to translate correctly.
    Additional information:
    it is extremely difficult to make a dexless Dual Blader.
    * current equipment that comes out will only be the basic set for Dual Blader (requires DEX)
    *Maple items for the new class will not be out till the following year. I say this because MapleStory only ‘releases’ their maple items durning the Maple Anniversaries, if this is so, and Dual Blader was estimated to arrive in late summer(July-August) GMS would have missed their chance to make a dexless Dual Blader.
    *The only possible way to be dexless will make you lv 50 (because of the release of Cash Shop daggers and blades-real in game items that require no stats)
    Side Note, This class is highly dependant on Nx for weapons and skills, if you think evan was a nightmare, Dual blader is going to haunt you.
    Pro tip:
    Make a lv20 Dual blader, and train your Main, make some money, wait for the next anniversary, get equipment ready, and train the Dual blader

    Why is this Pro?
    1: you will HAVE a Dual Blader
    2: when you decided to train after the event(months later) you’ll be the only one around.
    3: Thief gear is utterly expensive and you dont want to train with the ‘big dogs’ who has waited months and has prepared for just as long.
    In anycase, have fun and I know the scheduled time is correct. i wasnt wrong yet.

  17. This class is going to rock! I have been preparing the equipment since Arans. I assume it is coming out in late June or early July. Better start practicing getting a thief to level 1-20 as fast as possible without PQ’s. When they get released, you better be fighting hard and fast to keep up with the pace. Sigh, of course leechers will ruin the leveling contest anyway…

    Next will be battle mages and X-Bowmen Legends. Sigh, pirates always get left out.

  18. Vengeance you are so right about this class going to be awesome!!!I love the way how they made Flash Jump looking like it came out of the Shadows. Leechers really suck!! When i make a Dual Blade, I won’t bother with any DG, or Drop Games, cuz i just want to be AT LEAST one of the first people to get to lvl 30+!!! I saw a really cool video of how a lvl 38 Dual Blade Solo’d a King Pepe on a Gold Yeti like 3 times. She killed the Pepe like within a minute.

  19. Well look, i hate maplestory. but i love playing it. Its just so fun but i have about 6 charcters around the lvl 30-37 range. do you know why? because leveling is so boring! i like fast paced games you know? If the dual blader levels quicker then ill be sure to use him

  20. Dual Blade is gonna pwn! I’ve been leveling up real fast grinding and I could get it to 55 in like a few days. But my guess on when its gonna come out, is either late June or early July 2010.

  21. @Ms Global
    I dont think that you can be level 30 and do it because the 1st advance for dual blades is at 20 so yea…

  22. I think Dual Blades will come out around july 6th. Man i dont know how i can make a lvl 70 character cuz there are so many classes. theirs exploreres, cygnus knights, aran, evan, and now this!?Whats next, a new pirate?

  23. Sigh…I heard it was coming out in GMS today, the 25th…obviously I was wrong~
    But, I do like the sound of SkyCloud’s July 12th, that sounds perfect with all the speculation and Cash Shop Items…I’m checking everyday for News on it 😉


  24. The [AMAZING] new adventurer class is coming out July 14.
    Dual blades will not be a serious adventurer, so do not go out thinking to make a level 10 beginner, then wait for it. There will be an icon for it when you first make an character, Like {Explorer]{Cyngus][Evan][Aran][Dual Blader]

    The island will be exactly like the adventurer, but you will have one extra quest, and it has to do with your new job. When you advance to level 10, you will become a rogue, like the normal class. Except, for this class, there is no [Lucky seven] or anything. Theirs just pure-bandit skills for the first job. After that, the skills are amazingly powerfull.
    I also heard a rumor that flash jump will be a little stronger then hermits.

  25. I see some “malfunctions” with your photos… Like in the first photo the guy in his lil’ skill box has a Blaze Wizard skill! And In the 2nd photo the guy in his skill box has an Aran skill! Umm…. I don’t think dual bladers are getting blaze wizard, thief, and Aran skills.

  26. Just watchin 2011 they will have a completely new class called “The Resistance”. And the 2 new jobs are Battle Mages and Wild Hunters. Although DB do have alot of copied down skills.

  27. Everyone i just looked up on MapleSEA they are releasing Evans this summer which means we might get dual blades this summer! word is they coming july 14th 2010 but every wednesday pay attention becasue nexon post new stuff on site for server maintenence!

  28. @TacoMan
    These are GM skills… GMs can basically do anything they want. As in being one class, and using skills from another. At least that’s how it was on my private server. I used OdinMS’s coding for GMs.

  29. guys
    i know the actual info about mostly all of dualblade because i play KMS but you start out as a rogue till level 20 do quests from darklord and stuff and some guy mysterious guy gives you an offer if you accept the offer you become a semi dualer and then you do quests from inside the organization then when you reach level 30 you become a dualer with this new robe the organization leader gives you and then a level 55 you become a dual master recieving a quest going to el nath to the theif instructer and doin a quest then at level 70 you become a slasher and on and on when you hit level 120 you become dual blader and dual blade is scheduled to come out july 14~15 the same date in kms the resistance class is coming out, battle mage/wild hunter

  30. and plus in kms most info is copied into gms……… 2011? hell no late 2010 july 14th as i said same time in kms resistance class is coming out same date as dual blade is coming out on gms thats the whole point kms is making korean test maplestory servers to check if the resistance class is working 100%

  31. people who think that the skills in the pictures are real are idiots those skills arent real they have a similar effect in battle but thats KTMS not KMS TEST SERVER!! theyre trying out the skills and then they change the picture and description of the skill -.-

  32. also they may look like the skills but they arent for the owl dead skill i think its the blaze wizards skill but the shadow partner i KNOW its called mirror image

  33. and that thing i think called combat step that aran has its probably self haste a skill that dualers have starting from level 30

  34. @DualBlader

    This is an old post dude. No one cares what you or anyone else will say because we already know everyting about the Dual Blade race. So stop posting on this one and find a different one to post on.

  35. Umm By What I have read on some website that it will be battle mage, the archer class is unknown, and mechanic pirate.

  36. @Anonomis

    1) learn to spell anonymous
    2) you realize this post was from febuarary, right?
    3) gtfo and go comment on the correct post

  37. if nobody is looking at this and everybody knows about dualblades then why are you on it kobekun?

  38. @nobodee
    i look at this because i am a writer on this site and i have to deal with all of you

    we already do, haven’t you seen all the recent posts?

  39. @KobeKun
    How bout u actually GROW UP and GET A LIFE!!!!! Dude You think ur sooo smart and ur Buffy Picture is just Lame!!!! You really need to to Shut ur smart talk…

  40. @MageMan5
    How about we all try to get along. This is supposed to be a friendly communtiy. Or… I could get you IP banned from the site. Either way works for me.

  41. Those who are antagonizing other users (both viewers and staff) cease and desist otherwise you will be banned. The comment system is a privilege and I can take it away anytime I deem appropriate.

  42. @KobeKun

    I wasn’t talking to you. I was speaking to those who were antagonizing other users as well as staff. You’re fine.

  43. yeah what Kobekun said wild hunter isnt unknown there just making test servers for now to see if it works

  44. Fine @Savage you may have a point on trying to not be mean… So i will just have to say it anyway…Sorry @KobeKun for yelling at you and i wish we can get along better…=( Sorry

  45. Amazing that this is being so critizited.

    And in KMS’ Big Bang Rollout, they are releasing two jobs in under two months!

    It’s called the Resistance class.

    -Wild Hunter
    -Battle (Mechanic) Magician

  46. Hey do u guys think that Dual blades will pawn all the PQs or will they be like regular maplers?……..THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! 😄

  47. @AmAllLuk

    Please ask this quest ion one of the Dual Blade Q&A posts. This is an old thread about KMS.Savage, please discontinues comments for this post.


  48. dude now nexons really fked up this time they made the new release date the second before the new patch wich is really fucked up i was so fkin siked wen i heard a new job was coming out especially related to bandits because those r my favorite class fuck u nexon!!!1

  49. @Zimio2

    Please read the more recent posts. You are not correct. Nexon has postponed them to the 21st. It seems like every job after pirate was postponed a week or so.

  50. The only reason its coming on the 21st is because there was a maintanance bug so they had to fix it and those who were on from july 10-13 lost the data they got on those days

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