Maple Geek Returning!

Remember a server named Maple Geek? No, then let me refresh your brain from the information I have. Maple Geek was basically the same as OdinMS because it ran off the OdinMS Source. They had a hard time getting their server online because they were still trying to get the source from the Odin Devs. They got the server online and it was in beta for a while, then all of a sudden NEXON filed a lawsuit against OdinMS and that is when a lot of the major servers at the time were afraid of getting sued and this is only part of the reason why Maple Geek shutdown. I took a look at their website and from some other stuff and it turns out that they also shutdown because of some ownership problems.

A couple days ago I was checking my email and I got a email from Maple Geek a while back that I ignored saying they were re-opening the community, but not the server. However, if they got a high amount of people wanting them to re-open the server they may take it into consideration.  I checked my email again and I received another email saying that Maple Geek is looking for new management and the owner will get all privileges and all that good and complicated stuff. I think it was yesterday or so that they picked the new owner and released it to the public. The new owner at the moment is Espada. He made a announcement saying that they will be merging with an existing server and the staff will all merge. This is one of the oldest servers coming back from the dead. I will update you on this as much as I can.

Images and most info: ;D


10 responses to “Maple Geek Returning!

  1. So having a a private server come back is a good thing. I’ve never seen such BS before in my life. Maple News is officially the worst source of news from MapleStory ever.

  2. I’m sorry, I was just really mad about something on basilmarket related to private servers. I apologize for what I said.

  3. maybe he misinterpreted my post as M-N’s view..
    well im just happy Maple Geek is retuening ^^

  4. Well, MapleGeek is having a new management, so Jen (Aphrodite), and the others won’t be the Admin of the rebirth, so it still sucks.

    Are you a filipino?

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