MapleStory Map Editor Released!!!

Hey, everyone sorry for my absence. I am sure you have already read about koolk’s Maple Story Map Editor right?  You also may know that is was somewhat leaked on Rage Zone and other Private Server websites. This is completely true, but the person who leaked it tampered with it and it only works for a TitanMS Based Private Server.  Some people may know about HaRepacker, it is a program that lets you load up .wz files and lets you edit the file. For Example, I could load the Map.wz and save the background to Ellina and change everything to a different color or whatever I want. This program HaCreator based on koolks Map Editor lets you edit and make MapleStory Maps. HaRepacker and HaCreator both have sped up Maple Story Private Server Development a lot more now. I was amazed when I actually watched the video and I thought I would look into it and I found this. Nexon may act on the person that created these programs or they might just start closing down even more servers. We have yet to see what Nexon and Nexon Korea can do.


9 responses to “MapleStory Map Editor Released!!!

  1. HEY~~~~ to everyone reading this message. Yeah, you can edit the wizet files, have map editors, etc. etc. Here’s the probelm:

    I give you about a year before Nexon finds you and sues you for liquidated damages (If my memory is correct, Nexon Korea traveled to Israel and had a student in ISRAEL ARRESTED FOR EDITING THEIR PRODUCT; the student was one of the first people to ever to create maplestory private servers back in ’08)

    Speaking of Maplestory private servers and editors, did ya’ll know that there’s a v82 MapleSea private server? Guess what!!!!! More maps (more world tour) for all you Global Maplestory users if you try it.

    Name of private server: AvatarStory

    Modernization: Very high. Highest version private server as of right now.

    Probelms: since its new, some lag/bugs are expected. Also, some of the Aran skill icons are not what you Global MS players would expect. However, the skills are practically the same. Overall, give it time; its worth it.

    Virus: No, Doesn’t seem to be many viruses if any.

    Life expectancy (as in how long it will last): Estimated from 1~12 months, judging from past experiences with Nexon Corp.’s actions against advanced private servers.

    Oh, and yeah: the link below to the v82 private server site has the guy’s I.P. address on it for its URL. Kinda not really smart if you ask me-Nexon’s industrial guard Llyod Korn only has to trace it to find the creator.

    Here is link (I am not responsible if evil cookie monsters eat you >:D)

  2. Sorry for double post, but I forgot one more thing.

    YES it is the correct link, god darn it. Some people don’t believe me. TT_TT

  3. Uhm, lol, for the ones who says: Nexon created maplestory,etc.
    This isn’t true, Wizet created maplestory and sold maplestory to Nexon, that was an really
    BAD idea, Nexon screws up maplestory, i don’t play maplestory anymore until Wizet comes
    back… I really HATE Nexon! My ratings for nexon and wizet:
    Nexon: 2/10
    Wizet: 9/10
    So, nexon SUX! But Wizet is AWESOME XD!

  4. all ill say is maplestory wasent made by nexon -_- it had nothing to do with nexon when it 1st came out -_-

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