MapleStory 2 Questions Answered: Website Launched, Release Date, Events, and Much More!

The website for MapleSEA’s MapleStory Episode 2 has been released! The new site tells us much about MapleStory 2 and clears up speculation.

Click Here to Visit the MapleStory 2 Website

We know for sure that:

  • MapleSEA characters, items, etc. will remain the same along with accounts.
  • MapleStory 2 is not 3D
  • New monsters
  • Possibly new locations
  • MapleStory 2 will be launched between May 22nd and May 24th, 2009 at the AsiaSoft Gamefest 09

Allegedly MacDonald’s released a commercial advertising MapleSEA’s MapleStory 2. Strangely it has a NEXON logo…

There’s even a huge event for Episode 2’s launch. Check it out below.

Dear Maplers,

Come savor the fun and excitement in the MapleSEA Episode 2 launch event! Be a part of the celebration with exciting in-game competition, offline cash shop event, bonus experience event and walk away with FREE MapleStory in-game items!

Join us from the 22nd May to 24th May 2009 to enjoy what we have in store for you at the Suntec City Convention Hall 603, Singapore.


Date: 23rd May 2009
Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm

Summon all your strength to protect your party members in this competition and win exclusive prizes! Register on-site when the MC made the announcement.

You have to form a party of 3 with characters provided by us and work hand-in-hand to survive the trip from Perion to Sleepywood. The fastest team will win a set of Premium Goodie Bag for each member!

Rules and Regulations
1 Participants have to form party of 3 with the below generic characters provided:
1 x Level 10 Beginner Class
1 x Level 30 Magician (Cleric) Class
1 x Level 30 Thief (Assassin) Class
2 The group of 3 participants must consist of at least 1 adult.
3 The team must wait at Perion Town before starting the competition.
4 All the team members must survive the journey from Sleepywood to Perion.
5 Participants must not use teleport scrolls/skills or taxi service in the game.
6 If any of the game character dies and is reborn in Perion, the rest of the team members would need to meet him/her in Perion Town to start the journey again.
7 If the game character dies and is reborn in Sleepywood, the team will be disqualified.
8 The team that completes the journey in the shortest time clock by the game marshals, and at the same time, adhering to the rules and regulation will win the competition.
9 The cut off time for this competition is 15 minutes. If the team has exceeded this timing, they will be disqualified from the event.
10 Participants are not allowed to start the game without approval from the Game Marshals.
11 Participants if caught using vulgarity or unacceptable behavior will be disqualified from the game immediately.
12 Game Marshal’s decision is final.
Terms and Conditions
1 Slots will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis only.
2 Teams are expected to observe the rules and regulations of the competitions at all times or be subjected to penalties and/or face total disqualification from the race.
3 Management reservers the right to amend these official Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.
4 The Management will not be held responsible for any loss of property, injury and/or death sustained during the event.
5 The Management is not responsible for any network or service issues caused by hardware or software failure.


Date: 24th May 2009
Time: 3.30pm to 6.30pm

Never have we experience it be4! 10x EXP Boost will be available during the stipulated time just for YOU! Purchase the exclusive 30,000 @Cash Prepaid Card on site and have a lucky dip to pick the 10x EXP timeslots of either 5mins or 10mins.

Terms and Conditions
Each participant is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes of gameplay per queue.


Date: 22nd to 24th May 2009
(Update: Offline Cash Shop items are available for purchase from 22nd to 24th May 2009 to prevent queue flooding.)

Selected cash shop items are up for grabs with discounts. Bring home the exclusive Porcupine pet and Fighting Spirit Weather that are only available exclusively for this event!

Offline Cash Shop Sales Event
Image Name Catergory

Porcupine Pet


Fighting Spirit (11)


AP Reset (5)

Use (Scroll)

5-Day Special Coupon

Etc (Game)

  • Porcupine Pet: A spunky Porcupine that is not afraid to face any fears in protecting its master.
  • Fighting Spirit (Comes in a bundle of 11): Resonates MapleStory with your fighting spirit! This weather messager boost +20 Weapon Attack and +20 Magic Attack for 10 minutes to everyone in the map where your character is standing.
  • AP Reset (Comes in a bundle of 5): This scroll allows you to reset 1 AP from the ability stat. Choose 1 AP from HP, MP, STR, DEX, INT or LUK, and allocate it to the desired catergory. The lowest an AP level can reach on any catergory is 4.
  • 5-Day Special Coupon: If in possession of this coupon, all EXP earned from the monsters will be 2x the norm. The coupon is activated immediately after possession, and it runs for 5 days. If you also have other coupons in possession, please be aware that the effects will not be stacked.
Terms and Conditions
1 Available whilst stock last only!
2 All images shown here are for illustration purposes only. Prizes received may vary.


Items sold are not refundable.


Date: 24th May 2009
Time: From 7.00pm onwards

Show your support to MDAS (Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore) and The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund when you bid for 5 highly sought-after in-game items. 100% of the auction funds will go to the charity.

Equipment up for Auction

1 x Iceberg Wand
Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
INT+15 Luk+2  MA 175
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Dragon Purple Sleve

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
Luk+12, Weapon Attack +80, Accuracy + 15
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Dark Neschere

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
Dex+5, Weapon Attack +127, Accuracy +15 speed +11
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Emperor’s Claw

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
STR+15, Weapon Attack +107
Number of upgrade left: 2

1 x Ribgol Sword

Scrolled with 5 x 10% scrolls
STR+15, Weapon Attack +132
Number of upgrade left: 2

Terms and Conditions
1 All bids start at 50,000 @Cash (SGD $50) and every increment bid is 10,000 @Cash (SGD $10).
2 Bidder will have to pay 7% GST on top of the bidding amount.
3 In order to qualify for this auction, bidders must bid using @Cash vouchers.
4 Successful bidder will have to purchase the @Cash vouchers at the Auction Booth.
5 Sufficient @Cash vouchers will be made available for sale ONLY during auction period.
6 Players will have to raise their hand and shout the bid amount.
7 If winner is unable to produce the winning @Cash amount, the item will be available to the next highest bidder.

Event Terms and Conditions
• Queues and crowds are expected during the event. Please be prepared.
• Asiasoft Online will not be responsible or compensate should the user suffered losses due to account being exploited, misused or accessed without authority by other people either due to user’s improper handling/carelessness or information leakage or damages on the user’s own computer caused by hackers.
• Asiasoft Online will not be responsible for any conflict or disputes if users involve themselves in trading equipment, characters, virtual money or other in-game material in the game or in real life. Users should understand that the virtual money in the game can only be used within the game and cannot be sold or exchanged with actual physical cash. Therefore the user shall take the responsibilities for any losses that arise from any individual trade. We caution users to consider carefully before any trade.
• Asiasoft Online is only obliged to provide related information to the Police or authorities in criminal or civil case including cheating and unauthorized access cases. Our company is not obligated to solve or be held liable for the criminal or civil cases reported by the user to the Police. The user shall bear the responsibilities in such cases.
• The Management reserves the right to change the prizes without prior notice.
• The Management will not be held responsible for any instances of disconnections or technical disruptions.
• The Management reserves the right to disqualify any participants from the event if found in breach of any rules and/or regulation.
• The Management will not be held responsible for any loss of property, injury/ death sustained during the event.
• The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the event without any prior notice.

– MapleSEA Event Administrator

MapleSEA players have a lot to look forward to!


6 responses to “MapleStory 2 Questions Answered: Website Launched, Release Date, Events, and Much More!

  1. 10x exp, nice. not free though. wonder what this will b. can’t wait. too bad i’m in gms.

  2. yeah nexon logo shouldn’t be there. it wasn’t there at first when mapleSEA started. somehow it appeared on the website after 2006. nexon sucks man when are we going to get all these?

    that reminds me, versions like japan and taiwan don’t even have Knights of Cygnus yet. how come mapleSEA gets it first??

    something weird…

  3. @picko
    that’s nexon for you … lawl their pride and what not ….asiasoft is more professional anyways :3

  4. ehmm…. to all wondering why nexon’s pic is there, its always there. Even when we login to MSEA there is nexon (asiasoft and wizet too) picture so no comment.. O.o


    -Order Of Cygnus
    -Mu Lung Training Centre
    -Elin Forest (Victoria Island’s Past)
    -Time Temple
    -Balrog??? (that big barlog monster like zakum)
    -HUGE updates on the website, making it laggy


    -200mb Patch… (from 70 to 72)
    -more ppl from GMS will come to MSEA =.= < no worries i dun mind…
    Careful choosing the world~ I recommend Bootes since its not too deserted and not too crowded…

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