New Classes in MapleStory Episode 2?

I woke up and looked on Maple-News and saw that some one had posted on the shout box saying Knights of Cygnus in Maple SEA. I was like oh lets see and I checked the poll area and most likely Maple Story Episode 2 will get to start off with either the Knight of Cygnus classes sub-classes what ever or a new one Ahran. This is  awesome what Asia Soft is doing because they are using new updates and things like that, in a way they are being original, because they are using different classes instead of the basic classes.  Asia Soft released that they would be creating Maple Story Episode 2 and so far they have been doing a great job by using a lot of player feed back on their forums and website. This is really interesting as Maple Story Korea got Knights of Cygnus about last year and in that time there have been rumors of many new classes in testing. Maple SEA players will be eagerly waiting for the arrival of Maple Story Episode 2 and when that releases a lot of other versions of Maple Story will be eagerly waiting for it to enter their region.  I just hope that all the versions of Maple Story get caught up with Maple Story Korea.  Thank you Guests 395, 251, and 4658, I appreciate the information you guys gave us.


20 responses to “New Classes in MapleStory Episode 2?

  1. Wow. I got a feeling that Asiasoft is more professional than NEXON. No wonder there isn’t much Private Servers here i think.

    Knights of Cygnus! I didn’t expect it to come so fast! What is AhRan? Any idea?

    3 words: I love MapleSEA. 🙂

  2. Wow… that’s so fast.

    BTW, the AhRan class is a Pole-arm related class (seperate job from warriors).
    What’s so special about that class is that it is weaker than the average warriors but they have the combo system (more combos= more dmg).

    There’s some videos about it on youtube.

  3. Thank You Razor Nion and Dragon Draco. I am drafting an article on the AhRan class as well. It is very interesting and well you have the main point lol. Thank you for the Info and ya. If you want more info on the AhRan class you will either have to Google it or wait for my article on it to come out. For more information on Knights of Cygnus just click the link that DragonDraco has provided and click the link in that that directs you to the MapleSEA forums and has a huge amount of information about the Knights of Cygnus class.

  4. wow it seems that maplesea staff really listen to the players about that they want for episode 2+

    if only Nexon was like that. 😦

  5. WOOOOOOOOTS! ASIASOFT ROCKS!!!! Good thing I stay in mallaysia where the server is MSEA….. WEEEEEE I LUV TIME TEMPLE N OCG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. that’s why people should sign up on the guest board before giving info =0
    then we can give credit =D

  7. I’m utterly gobsmacked at the sheer amount of misinformed postings over here. What is with this “asiasoft lovin”, people??

    Being a maplestory player since the global “tespia” days and since day 1 of mapleSEA’s conception i can say with conviction and absolute certainty that Asiasoft is neither “professional” nor “listens to feedback on forums”, or ANYWHERE else for that matter. You might have been referring to their QBox system. Its merely a way for the sheer number of complaints to be submitted privately and away from the public eye. it used to dish out replies in the beginning, but not anymore. Now its just one big joke. Oh yes, it also serves as an instrument to sweep important issues/problems under the rug, as their track record shows.

    Over the years there are just SO MANY incidents of mismanagement, gross negligence, extreme unprofessionalism, acts of questionable ethics, stonewalling, zero customer service/support, zero transparency, and, best of all, you could even say fraudulent advertising. (The only good thing i can credit them with is that the number of vac-hackers etc is relatively lesser compared to global) Then again speaking of hackings… we had this whole “account security breach” saga, no thanks to the wonderfully adequate security protocols over @ Asiasoft. Over the span of about a year there was not just one but MULTIPLE waves of MASS account hackings. ie, your accounts get wiped out and you login naked. Dont even get me started on how unacceptable that is on so many levels, and how much of a crippling loss it was across the board, not just virtually but financially as well. People have invested tons of RL money, and they rely on the textbook defence in the fine print that says “All items are property of Asiasoft therefore we don’t owe you no compensation”. They blamed it on “China hackers”. Indeed! Because their staff/ex-employees have always demonstrated topnotch levels of professionalism! It must be some obscure band of “China hackers” who haven’t realized that the mSEA items aren’t transferrable to their accounts in CMS! Right.

    Yes, I think i’ve seen just about every possible dirty trick there is to throw up, in the 4 years of customer abuse i have willingly subjected myself too, just because i love the game a little too much. So please guys, dont even start on how wonderful u think asiasoft is, or how much better it is compared to nexon. Asiasoft gets away with most of their “crimes” because the demographic is mostly very young schoolkids, less than educated dropouts, and mostly those who aren’t very aware of their basic consumer rights, in general. So if it were the average American subjected to the kind of B.S. we get over here, i assure you, there’d be steam shooting off of your ears. All the best and take care.

  8. Well,Dave.CMS hackers objective is get the mesos and sell it.NOT THEIR EQUIPMENT.1mil=Rm1.00.Half of MSEA acc been hacked then it get huge amount of money.They probably just sell the mesos for MONEY.NOT HACK FOR EQUIPMENT.

  9. V.I.P. COMMENT (i think): INVEST IN POLEARM SCROLLS NOW! why, do you ask? First off, the introduction of a new class (Aran) will cause an influction in the prices of items; polearm weapons will rise astronomically. Currently I invested about 200mil on behalf of my brother’s account (I don’t really play MS anymore =/ ).


    1: When you start off as Aran, you immediatlely get dark skinned color (automatic), and start off in a region that looks like the Minar forest. *NOTE: you START OFF AS LVL 200.

    2: The history is this: you, as Aran, tries to save a child from monsters, then remain to fight the “black magician”. You win, but you are trapped in ice for milleniums, but eventually awaken once more from a girl named Lee-Rin, but NOT as lvl 200 (you also lost your memories)

    3: The main NPCs are: Lee-Rin (from Korean pronounciations), and Maha, the spirit of the pole-arm which you once wielded.

    4: The area you start off is called “Snow Island” (literal definition from Korean), and you advance your classes by being taught by Maha *note: Maha often makes fun of you for forgeting your memory, something I found VERY~~ entertaining*

    5: As stated by others above, the Aran class requires a combo system; all skills depend on the combo. However, as for the limit of combo, there really isn’t a limit for the amount of combo you can get-and no, I will not bother translating skills as the skill names change when moving from KMS to GMS (ex: when pirates came out, even the class names sort of changed).

    *You only get new skills, to put it bluntly.

    7: Note: The Aran class allows 90% mastery of pole-arm at 4th job, but its damage is still “balanced” despite its mastery.

    8: New mounts for the Aran class are basically wolves; you ride on wolves instead of piggies (how I love bacon)

    9: For Aran class, my advice: when you create the aran class, expect much difficulty-even when you’re funded. It’s worth it, but it requires paitence like gun-slingers.

    I hope my description of the Aran class helped; if not, please report to Area 51 for any “complaints or probelms” *evil laughter*

  10. Evan already came out in KMS……..
    I really think Nexon Korea should come up with a ORIGINAL JOB though; Evan is good-your main weapon is a dragon after all……..

    As everyone may have noticed, Nexon Korea is planning to develop the alternate version of the classic jobs (ex: Aran, Evan, and so on…)

    As for now, the question for Evan/Aran/other jobs= Will the other classes ALSO take skills almost directly from other classes?

    Example: Evan uses all the elements from the mage. jobs (F/P, I/L,bishop/priest/cleric), uses transformation moves of the buccanear, etc. etc. The big interest is that Evan’s “pet” is a dragon that levels up ten times (lvl10, lvl15, lvl20, lvl30, lvl45, lvl70, lvl85, lvl100, lvl115, lvl120)

    Aran is more original than Evan T_T
    I don’t want to bore people, so look on youtube videos like this one.

    Hopefully this helped

  11. Sorry-wrong URL- this is the right URL for the video about Evan (sorry for the inconvinience)

    *All credits and rights goes to the respective creators. Nexon Korea 2003-2009. All rights reserved.

  12. @Eunice

    Theres Singapore MS? Don’t you mean Maple Sea? I think Maple Sea will get Evan within 2 months at the most, maybe within a few weeks?

  13. @Eunice

    BTW i love doing p**n!!!!! Find me a (censored website link)*
    Thanks.. Jerk Off and Enjoy! GUYS!

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