CareStory Receives Cease and Desist

This is a follow up to the previous post.

CareStory was warned by Lloyd Korn to shut down via their forums. The CareStory staff deleted the message and banned user “lulz123” as a “Lloyd Korn impersonator.” If you’ve been following the previous post on this issue, you’ve probably seen at least 30 hate comments in which CareStory users and staff called us liars. The maturity and trust you have shown us knows no bounds CareStory.


We told you it was legitimate, but you refused to listen to us and heed Mr. Korn’s warning, and instead banned us. Now you have gotten yourselves into deep trouble and may be one of the first MapleStory private servers to be sued by NEXON America.

I would like to take this opportunity to again emphasize that unless stated as alleged or tagged under editorials, our content is 100% legitimate and true. It hurt us to see many viewers call us liars and frauds considering we work extremely hard to bring you the most accurate news. We frown upon those who jump to conclusions and wish NEXON America the best in whatever they choose to do regarding this matter. I hope CareStory gets what they deserve.

Below is a quote from CareStory forums including the Cease and Desist from NEXON America.

Topic: Scam

Have Fun reading Click here

“Care Story History and Underground Plans Foiled”

Seems a Bit Childish. And Fake If You ask me So I gave Them a piece of my mind thats been Building up.

*EDIT*I regret To Inform you It was All True What was Sent I have recieved a E-mail Myself From Lloyd Korn not To Long ago. this is what it read:

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 16:12:03 -0700
Subject: Cease and Desist and


How stupid must you be to think I would not go after you and your private server site after you fake a shutdown?

Anyway Nomika, let me share with you a dilemma I am having. I have been given the authorization to sue a couple of private server sites. My problem is there are so many to choose from. I narrowed down the selection to those private servers who were dumb enough to ignore my demand to shut down and/or think they can go underground. It looks like CareStory is now at the top of my list.

So Nomika, I’m giving you an offer that is only good for 24 hours. Shut down and as soon as you get this e-mail and we won’t go after you. By my count you already owe Nexon at least $200,000 in liquidated damages. That does not include the damages we will recover from you at trial for all the copyright and trademark infringement you have perpetuated against MapleStory (think $100,000 per infringement according to the DMCA statutes). You (or should I say your parents) will have to hire an attorney which will no doubt be extremely expensive. I’m sure your parents will be very thrilled to know after they have spent a fortune to try and defend you that all this could have been avoided if you only followed the rules!

I have your personal information and am receiving more from all those people who hate you and hate your site (and there are many) who want to see you get shut down. If I don’t hear from you ASAP that you have shut down, its server and, you will give us no choice but to take action against you, your buddy Makey and everyone else involved in You will also in that e-mail promise me that you will not to open up again or own or operate any other forms of MapleStory private servers. In addition, you will not sell or give the contents of your server to anyone else.

Should you have any questions, I strongly suggest you contact me. Also, if you still think this letter is a fake, check its IP .

By the way, that was me that posted on your forums today. I see you banned me for being a Lloyd Korn impersonator. That’s okay, I have another dozen or so id’s and passwords to your forum. You can remain in denial all you want, but trust me, it was me!

The foregoing is not intended as a complete statement of facts or of our rights and remedies, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.



31 responses to “CareStory Receives Cease and Desist

  1. Wait, so will Mr. Korn be taking actions against EVERYONE (including players) involved with CareStory?


  2. If noone’s sued, private servers will continue to thrive.
    Because lots of servers are probably thinking “HAHA, like that’s ever going to happen”

    private servers need a scare. what llyod korn is doing is right. it’s setting an example. and unfortunately, carestory might be that example.

    with this series of events happening, private servers aren’t going to be fun anymore. there will be a lot of blackmailing. players are now allowed to threaten the server if they have access to personal information. There will be lots of snitchy ppl. I could easily see someone saying “Well if you don’t give me 1000 GM Scrolls, I’m going to tell Nexon!”

  3. So they ARE suing under the DMCA. LOL that means REALLY good news for private servers xD

    All it takes to avoid a lawsuit from Nexon America is to host a server in Canada >_>

  4. lloyd corn is making a fool of himself .. O-o he has to start writing more professionally if he is going to be a top executive of a huge corporation .. gawsh 😛

  5. How are the players affected? How are the staff aswell? The hosters will be sued or the workers who gave atleast some time just as a hobby to do something interesting?

  6. We closed our server. Nexon is NOT sueing us. Our co-admin had a chat with Mr.Korn on the phone about this whole issue. He said as long as we shut it down, we won’t get sued.

  7. wow, he’s getting real mad now. wish i got to play carestory. o well. that’s allot of money to pay back.

  8. I personally feel that the people who should get sued are the ones who host the private servers and not the players. However that being said, Carestory has already shut down both servers and our Co admin Nomika has already spoken and settled this issue with mr Lloyd Korn himself so enough has been said and done.

    I do apologise on behalf of the Care Community who has made slander and inappropriate remarks about this website.

    CareStory GM ( or well ex now that it has been shut down)

  9. Just letting people know… OdinMS was the first private server and it was the first private server to get sued by Nexon. Just go to and you can see their status on how they’re doing in the lawsuit… I hope Odin wins. =)

  10. @elmer.
    Yes, in a demand letter, Nexon has said that the owner had to send the ips of the ones who downloaded and the coders.

    Yes, I play illegal servers, screw you nexon.

  11. Rofl I love how Nomika was actually on maple-news and actually said that when Lloyd posted on his forums it was a fake. lol Lloyd Pwnt 😀

  12. 1st: Nexon should really do something about their hiring techniques. To let a childish person like Mr Korn speak for them is just careless. He makes himself sound like a uneducated twit, certainly not someone who went to law school. Maybe he attended a “online law school”?

    2nd: Nexon is not going to spend millions of dollars suing every person who has ever made, helped, or played a private server. It’s like arresting everyone who has ever downloaded a song without paying for it. It would be years before they would even see any money from it, if they ever did! There is a saying, you can’t squeeze water from a rock, you can’t collect money when there is none. Asumming every maker, and player isn’t from a rich family. There is a little thing called bankruptcy, which I happen to know a lot about since my sister is an attorney.

    3rd: Lloyd Korn was probably hired to do just what he is doing, threaten children to stop playing on Nexon’s turf. Korn is like a school bully demanding your lunch money. So what do you do? Say NO! There are so many legal loopholes in this, it would probably make Mr. Korns head spin. Nexon will never see a dime of any money, so why would they waste millions of dollars on it?

    Mr Korn talks a “BIG” talk, but what does he have to back it up with… well nothing! Even if he had the time, and man power, how is going to find everyone. Go around knocking on everyone door saying “Excuse me but does your son or daughter play on a Maple Story Private Server?” No! It would take years to find out everyone’s ip addresses, and what if you connected at school, or the library, or your grandma’s house? Is he going to arrest them too?

    Point blank, this is a scare tactic, perpetrated by Nexon to try to scare everyone into submission. “Now be a good little kid and shut down your server or Mr Korn is going to smack your hand”. Makes me seriously doubt is Mr Korn is a real person. Some of the things I have read that were suppose to come from him, sounds a lot like harassment of a minor. Hmmm… Doesn’t that mean, your parents can in turn sue Nexon and Mr Korn for such harassment. I suggest if you find the urge to write Mr Korn a personal letter, do it with tack, and don’t sink to his level. Make sure to keep all emails you receive from him to show your parents that this man is harassing you online. There are places for people like him. It’s time we put him there.

    So, Lloyd Korn, if that is your “real” name, I do hope you are reading this. Watch your step because we too have people who hate you, who are reporting to us. Keep harassing children and you are going to wind up in the unemployment line at the least!

  13. but lloyd korn is real i looked him up on google it showed him as a general ceo or something of nexon! he is on facebook and myspace so kids take head to what i say now! SPAM THE CRAP OUT OF HIM AND WATCH HIM CRY BUT USE A FAKE NAME O R E-MAIL SO ULL KNO HIS BUT HE WONT KNO URS AND THE CHILDREN THAT WILL D-E-S-T-R-O-Y H-I-M!

  14. @boycott Nexon


  15. -Sigh- I love How you took The E-mail and posted on here >.> Hmm now I Wonder if I have the right To Tell you to Take it down. I mean If you argue about how If its open on the internet to be exploited and Its able to be taken. Doesn’t that Work for maplestory files too?. Btw There is a lil thing called the 30% rule. In law, It says if you you take a Copyrighted Anything Changed it by 30% in the right way. You can actually Call it your own and copyright it Yourself. Now That I Blew that Cover lets see how many private servers get shut down after They read that. LOL. Hmm I wonder how Much Coverage I would get If i posted the recording of the Phone Call between Lloyd and I. Purpose at all requires. He can’t Argue that I cannot Do that. 1. They may record conversations at anytime. 2. I recorded the conversation on only my own benificiary Factor For later Use if Something should happen.

    Have Fun With Maple-News If you Keep ratting Out servers. You wont have much left to write about now will you? Except Kiss asses to nexon.

    -I bid you Good Day-

  16. PS: Players wont ever get sued. On accnt If we destroyed the Files. And releasing the Files to a 3rd party is against my will to even want to. Thats personal Information and I would never want to see our players get sued. No way in Hell I will let them Suffer When I know they were Just around to Have fun with something nexon Couldn’t fully provide for them.

  17. well i fully agree with 2 people on this whole chat ,Boycott Nexon,and nomika yes Lloyd Korn is a Dick but we have a decision that Lloyd korn wanst to threaten Players staff, He is indeed Harrassing People i have recieved an Email telling me to stop this stuff i told him To please stop harrassment or i will sue, He backed down veeeery quickly For such a lawyer he sure is not confident But as you can see he wont win For i have a copy of every little harrassing thing hes said. I agree with Nomika That yes players shouldnt suffer because they wanted to have fun thats like eatting an icecream Made of brocolli its not right.

  18. Starting with this guy Lloyd Korn,

    He has been Harrassing Private Server owners since they were out… its funny because Nexon doesnt want to know that they have been defeated by lower aged people.

    Another important fact i would like to say is that at least 90% of CareStory Players will not play Global Maple Story again, and the other 10% will probably play 1month,get bored and quit.

    So Lloyd Korn if you are reading this… you dont know with who are you messing.

  19. Pretty insightful post. Never believed that it was this simple after all. I had spent a very good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this topic clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

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