Dungeon Fighter Online? A Soon to be Nexon America Game.

Hello people today I will be talking about Dungeon Fighter Online. Dungeon Fighter Online is an arcade style action  RPG, The game is sort of similar to Maple Story and some other Arcade Style RPG’s such as: Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Golden Axe. The game in my opinion is kind of like Lunia if anyone has ever heard of it or a little nintendo game like the older nintendo games if anyone still has them. The game will basically have your standard features like shops,  a “cash-op” store where in-game items can be purchased for real-world money(of course Nexon would put this one in),etc. D.F.O. has five different classes:Swordsman, Fighter, Gunner, Mage and Priest, each of will have their own customizable sets of skills and class specializations. Nexon has announced that Dungeon Fighter Online will be released in the second half of 2009.

“With its dynamic gameplay coupled with classic retro arcade feel, Dungeon Fighter Online is a household title in Asia,” said Min Kim, vice president of marketing for Nexon America. “Few games are able to make an impact in one genre. Dungeon Fighter Online delivers in two; as a great fighting game and as an engrossing social experience. We look forward to delivering this amazing experience to North American gamers later this year.” With an art style that’s reminiscent of classic arcade side-scrollers like Final Fight or Magic Scroll, Dungeon Fighter Online will enter beta testing this summer.  I think this game may be interesting to a smaill crowd of people, but I think it may attract some players from Mabingobi and The waiting Kart Rider and Sugar Rush players also a new crowd of players. One thing out of millions I hope is that Nexon doesn’t release it and then goes through two stages of beta and then leave players hanging like we have seen with Sugar Rush and Kart Rider.


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