Hacking in MapleStory

-Hime- over at NEXON America MapleStory forums made an announcement regarding hacking. You can read it below.


Dear Maplers,

It has always been our top priority to minimize and/or eliminate hacking. Lately, there has been a surge of cheaters abusing the game, who intentionally cause discomfort to the community. This morning alone over 100 abusers have had their accounts permanently suspended. We have always been and continue to be dedicated to implementing resolutions to the hacking issues.  The purpose of these resolutions is to bring hacking down to a controllable state and minimize its effect on our legitimate gaming community. Unfortunately as long as there are people willing to cheat, cheats will be available. We will continue to negate their affects and deter their efforts.


Discuss what you think below.


3 responses to “Hacking in MapleStory

  1. While its good to see them working on it, the fact that hardly anyone sees a GM on in person does cause players to think they dont even exsist until you see a “Message : ________” and even then its one message or two and nothing for days.

  2. you should see maplestory china. hackers all around, no one cares.

    at least maplesea did a software change for their hacking prevent system. 🙂

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