NEXON Feels Economic Recession As It Closes It's Humanature Studio

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By Savage

On January 27, confirmed with NEXON America that they had closed their Canadian development branch, Huamanature, in Vancouver. Over 90 employees were laid off and the studio has been closed permanently for now. According to NEXON America and, their existing game titles such as MapleStory, Mabinogi, Combat Arms, Audition, as well as those already under development such as Sugar Rush, should not be affected by this unfortunate event. Humanature is known for it’s development of NEXON’s newest American game, Sugar Rush. Whether or not this will affect the future release and development of Sugar Rush, we can’t be sure.

The gaming industry has so far done fairly well in the global economic crisis, but the closure of NEXON’s Humanature studio proves that they’re not entirely immune. People have looked to video games to release some stress and get their mind off their current financial troubles. Video game sales have been high…but how long until people decide they need to cut back on their video game spending, especially for microtransaction games like MapleStory where you have to buy more NX cash at least every 3 months to replace those expired items. It will eventually come down to the players, and whether or not they want to keep NEXON and their favorite games alive by purchasing NEXON Cash.


4 responses to “NEXON Feels Economic Recession As It Closes It's Humanature Studio

  1. Yeah i dont buy NX clothes i just buy face/hair/skin coupons and stuff that will last forever. I know NEXON needs more money but c’mon…three months lasting? …little too low.

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