Short Update in the OdinMS Case

Yesterday a short update was posted on the OdinMS site.

Update (09/19/08): We just want to let you know that we are still there and the situation hasn’t changed very much during the last two months. Our lawyers are currently waiting for access to the records which may still take some time. We will update you with more information as soon as possible, so check back once in a while. Thank you for your support.

It seems like this is going to take a while.


One response to “Short Update in the OdinMS Case

  1. Hello there, – stumbled upon your current web site unintentionally when roaming around the web this morning, and delighted that I did! I do like the layout and tones, but I really should mention that I’m having difficulties when it loads. I’m using WannaBe 1 internet browser for mac, and the menu block does not lineup the right way. i am fairly certain used a similar design on a client’s web site, but the menu seems okay on mine. I suspect the fault is at my end and I suppose it’s about time to change!

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