Quick Chat ShoutBox and Polls

I’ve added some cool little things to spice up the Maple-News Network website and your experience here. Most notable is our Quick Chat ShoutBox and Polls system.

The Quick Chat ShoutBox is a place where readers can chat much like if they were in an instant message chatroom. You can exchange chats, meet new maplers, and just tell us what’s on your mind. As an added bonus, if you make a Maple-News Account you will be automatically signed into the ShoutBox. If you find any errors with the ShoutBox, please report them to us here. Be advised that the ShoutBox will be heavily moderated so those of you who decide to act up and cause problems will get the BanBullet.

The Polls system is very straightforward. We’ve added Polls to the website so when you visit Maple-News.com a new poll will pop up and you can give us valuable feedback. Every vote counts!

This is the beginning of many more updates to come. Enjoy.



Let us know what you think below!

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