Japanese MapleStory Gets The Pirate Job

Everyone is waiting with anticipation for when MapleGlobal, MapleSEA, and MapleEurope will get the fifth job/class in MapleStory: Pirates. Japanese MapleStory (commonly referred to as JMS) is now joining the ranks of KMS (Korean MapleStory) of versions of the game who have the Pirates Job. What does this mean for the rest of the MapleStory communities all over the world? Your version (determined by when it was released) is one step closer to getting the Pirate Job.

For those of you who don’t know what the Pirate Job/Class is. It’s just like any other class, warriors, magicians, archers, and thieves. A class all of its own. To state the obvious, you’ll be a pirate. Your weapons will include guns, bombs, and other pirate-related items. Lets hope they keep the guns and bombs once the pirate class makes it’s way to GMS and MSEA. MapleGlobal has already nerfed Showa so that they all use hammers instead of pistols. If they changed the pirate class to use colorfully “plastic hammers,” there would be some problems…i.e. rioting…threatening NEXON, etc…nothing new.

If you don’t believe that the Pirate Job is really out in JMS, just click HERE.

Lets hope NEXON speeds up their release of the long awaited fifth class to all MapleStory versions. We can only wait and see.


16 responses to “Japanese MapleStory Gets The Pirate Job

  1. Pirates are not actually out yet in japan, they will be out on july 30th… there is a count down on the homepage.

  2. LOL! today is the 30th but i wanted to register for JMS to do pirates but i cant get my nmae filled out in Kanji to register, oh well ill have to wait till it comes out for PS or GMS

  3. My prediction is that it will come out in patch 0.60, no later. Pirate is already in the Tespia client (GMS test server)

  4. LOL i cant imagine what the gunslinger cashop weapons would look like. there probably wouldnt be one. and what was so bad about showa? its not like there was any blood or anything….

  5. ok gms patch 61 was released yeterday, for those of you who didn’t do the quest, go to henny and talk 2 chief stan or whoever tht dude is, he has a quest, go 2 the forest east of henysys and talk 2 the npc bart, it has the pirate fort out, im guessing the 15 hour patch took so long bc they mite have finished nautilus port and everything! patch .62 SHOULD get pirates…i dont see why not, since bart [the npc dude] says the “fort” is almost finished and you can come back soon to become a pirate!!!!! YAY =P

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