Follow Up On The OdinMS Lawsuit

Yesterday, the OdinMS staff released a statement in which they announced that they were being sued for €350,000. Now, to give everyone who lives in the U.S. or Canada an idea of how much money that is, €350,000 is equal to $524,325 USD. Nexon is definitely taking intense steps to prevent Private Servers from advancing and it seems that without OdinMS, the other MapleStory private servers will close down if not in fear of being sued, but lack of a base to update their server.

According to a post made by Fiel on Sleepywood forums a new “encryption” code will be added to the WZ files (the files pertaining to MapleStory) and there will be no documents on the topic of the new encryption keys for anyone to take. A new packer has been added to the game client as well as other new protective features.

Many users see Nexon’s 13-hour patch taking place tonight into tomorrow morning as a “helpless” attempt to regain it’s players. Obviously the MapleStory Private Servers had a strong enough effect in taking away Nexon’s business to bring about a lawsuit. Some may see this as a nice kick in the butt for Nexon to clean their act up, but regardless when you mess with Nexon’s profit and business, you get the horns.


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  1. 😄 secret underground PSevers, PM….wait, that won’t sound right…>_<

    Wow, this bites, I was planning on finally trying out a PServer only to find out their days are numbered if not already shut down. Arg…I was looking forward to nx dropables

  2. Im not siding with “OdinMs” Or “Nexon” But i do believe that nexon is suing them for a few reasons. *Biggest reason is they are losing money. Ex, More and more people are playing private servers each day. “So?” So the more people that play “Private Servers.” The less people will play maple story. And most private servers have free “Nx Clothes/equips/etc.” And if less people play “Maple Story.” Less “Nx/Nexon Cash” will be bought resulting in loss of money. & The donations to private servers are not being gave to nexon. So you could say that. “There not paying credit where credit is due.” So “OdinMs” is making all the money but in the while “Maple Story” is loseing more money. But they could also be suing for. Ex. Copyright laws, etc etc. And in the hopes that most of the players will come back there are currently in a 13.5 hour server check/patch saying they will have great things. Sort of a “Bribe” if you will, for “Private Server” players to instead of just giving up on “Private Servers” AS WELL AS “Maple Story.” For most of you that says “Maple Story sucks im never playing” and for people who say “OdinMs sucks its just for cheaters who want to take a shortcut” Can you blame them? I mean its a way for players to experience easier game play along with free “Nx/Nexon Cash” And be able to play as a “Third Job/Fourth Job” without having to give endless hours of devotion to “Maple Story” Only to give up from how hard “Leveling” is. Thankyou for reading. Once again, I am not siding with “Maple Story™” Or “OdinMs™” So please dont accuse me of saying not to play “Maple Story” or not to play “OdinMs”

  3. well this sucks theres going to be alot of unhappy ppl there loss in money is a bere taking but maybe there taking big action it might be ppl are just quitet so boringing i know i quit normal ms cause it was starting to get so boring

  4. too true. However, I think Nexon will not be able to regain its lost players. Most of them will probably refuse to play at Nexon again (because of the same reason why they joined private servers). The most Nexon is doing is preventing more people from joining private servers. (not exactly). A664892

  5. Once Nexons money supply is threatened they take drastic immediate action. When hackers are EVERYWHERE they take their sweet ass time. Thanks Nexon for showing us all just how EPIC FAIL you are yet again! *claps*

  6. Ok so here is the problem. Nexon can not sue Odin in the US thus is why I’m almost sure they went after them in German court. In US law there is some round about way Odin could get out of this, Odin isn’t charging anybody money! So what do they do go to one of the harshest court systems in the world Germany! Nice, one word for Nexon douche! Take Viacom with you the two worst company’s to ever do business in the world. I could only hope that Ted Turner, Disney or worst of all Microsoft buys Viacom and puts them out of their misery. Every thing Viacom touches including Nexon turns to crap! Good luck keeping people interested if you act as if you own the world. Seems like you are acting like a certain Nazi of the 30’s. Whats next world domination?

  7. Well, heres teh quote of the day:
    EDITED BY SAVAGE: Please refrain from cursing excessively to the point of offending another person, or company, like Nexon America. Please stop with childish comments cursing at them.

  8. This is ridiculous. As Kia said, Odin isn’t charging anybody money. And as for Nexon, it’s the people’s choice to buy NX Cash. Nobody is making them, they hardly have a right to sue. I remember back when Cash Shop wasn’t even invented, you didn’t see them suing private servers then.

  9. Yeah man this really sucks big time, this will probably move on to the destruction of the sub private servers under odin, jeez
    They’re just mad because in some private servers nx is free, i can’t believe i gave the hundreds of dollars, now that i look back it was all just a waste…

  10. Sad.. But.. If you think about it, Does Nexon REALLY think after they took away their PServers, Everyone will come crawling back to MS? No. If my server gets taken away,(Not saying name) I quit. Or, In fact. Play ms.. But don’t buy nx. It’ll corrupt Nexon. 😀

  11. wow… this is total BS….
    once i figure out how to get back to v.55 if they then take away whatever server i choose to play… im just going to quit MS altogether…. *grumbles to self* maybe go play neopets or something… Shaiya is good too though… *hmmm*

  12. Most people have already said what is needed to be said. I dont understand whats really the big problem here, As in, the Sueing. Eh, Maybe I’ll never understand.

  13. The only reason people are leaving maplestory is for the easier leveling up, the free nx, and the amount of mesos you can make. Maybe if normal maplestory was more like the private servers then maybe people would join back into normal maplestory. Im only saying but Nexon has no point in sueing Odin. Odin did not force anyone to pay for donations they just asked if anyone wanted to. And if people did pay for donations then thats voluntary and not sueable.

  14. ok wtf, nexon is that fking desperate? why dont they do something that would really help them get their players back, like making it more like a private server… more exp more mesos .. free nx would make the mlsoe money but still, they should make Maplestory a more enjoyable game…

  15. Well I don’t see Blizzard taking any action against wow private servers. Why does Nexon have to do this!

  16. Blizzard do not take actton because true gamers play in the original sever and they are willing to pay… Most people who play maple mainly play it because its free and they will only play because its free… Try asking those maple players to play the orginal WOW… It will cost their lives….

    Nexon is not desprate…. They are already providing everyon with free game and leecher from private sever are taking their product and selling it as theirs… Its like selling imitation products…

  17. nexon is just a fool, they dont realize, as do none of you, that the pservers in US will NOt be shut down if they are only receiving donations. in the US the only way to be suiable for a copyright infringment is if Odin, any other pserver, for that matter, is charging money for their product, the edited version of maplestory. the reason why they sued the German version, although im not sure about this one, is that just reproducing maplestory in any way, shape or form is an infringment of the copyright. USA Private Servers should be safe, unless nexon is using their profits from NX to corrupt the laws of america, which they very well may be, seeing as how they’re nexon…..

  18. Nexon Has all right to sue the Private Sever… After all the Maple Story Belong to Nexon and they are putting in big money in running sever and paying people to script the whole games…. It has no differnet in Creative sueing Apple for using the Interface of the current MP3….

  19. mapleglobal should be like maplesea cuz you don’t need to waste exp and drop cards in maplesea which makes it faster to lv up easyer

  20. It seems that GMS shouldnt be losing money if people leaving thier game because their game is free. You dont have to buy NX so people playing PS arent making nexon lose money.

  21. ok first of all if Nexon really thought that there version was the best then they wudn’t have cared if a private server was made oh but they are greedy ass profit makers,”Nothing is free” maplestory u dun spend money but u spend sometime of your life and u waste it not noticing how fast it goes bye. u start at two then ur dun in wat …10 hours. but u dun notice.
    Nexon sues, yes sues.
    wat if they were sued for “accidently copying a quest or something from another game” they be pissed

    well anyways Nexon and most other companies are greedy

    go out have fn and stay fit

  22. I side Nexon on this one. OdinMs stole Nexon’s property. Most likely Nexon is going to win this one because they have an abundant supply of cash. (They make more than WoW). and Odin don’t have money for a really good lawyer.

  23. ok its just stupid nexons sueing all the private servers its stupid
    i want to play some easy gameplay not waste my life on a gay fucken server that takes over 3years just to be lvl120 im not that gay of stupid as you are nexon i like maplestory servers that are easier to lvl maybe if fuck tard nexon make exp and cash shop free and start getting there ass up to start banning hackers such as fangblade the gay faggot that hacks and is already lvl200 i quit cause 1. lvling slow as shit and i played non stop and im still the same lvl its a wast of life when i could be healthy instead of waiting so long and for you ppl over lvl 130 get a fucken life you wasted your whole life on one gay ass shitty game with so much awful economy you can suck my fucken balls im serious i waste 1year of my life on maplestory for global and im only lvl41 you nexon suck with economy other private servers kick your ass cause of there features and my ms hobbies banned fuck you im not gonna join your server unless you fucken get your lazy shitty ass up and start making a patch to make the gameplay better like the private servers its pointless making kids playing the game life unfit i learned my lesson you just suck nexon.

  24. NEXON has no right to sue Odin.. Odin is jus a server for ppl hu wan to play it. VOLUNTEERED. understand?
    Odin is not even making money. Since Maple is free. NX shld jus be a form of extra cash. So wads the point of sueing Odin? its not like u guys can get back maplers.

  25. How are they going to sue them if this is in no way a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or the European Copyright Directive.

    Unless they going to try to prove what Gravity tried to prove that packets sniffers are tools, and there for fall under a violation of Title I. There is a precedent for that, and they failed. Because packet sniffers are a network monitoring program, and ruling other wise would make monitoring a network illegal.

    As long as they don’t charge money they in no way can sue for damages incurred. Plus, they are going to have to prove that their users would have bought cash.

    So lets say Odin had 10000 users < Probably not nearly that big, but lets just say. That means they are arguing that each person would have spend 50 dollars on cash.

    This is entire thing is insanity and a waste of time. The precedents are their for court cases such as these.

    This is like me suing you for a 45 sandwiches because I could have potentially ate 45 sandwiches instead of reading this blog.

    I just dont see how they could possibly win, unless they literally recoded the entire game server by hand.

    At most under either EUCD or DMCA they can just have it taken down, but now they left them selves open to counter suit for lost wages and emotional damages(stress).

  26. You need to understand OdinMs and Maple Storys position: Maple Story is losing money. So whats the and when the profits start dropping thats when evasive actions come in. not siding with them. And OdinMs: Its gaining money due to some f the profits there gaining from Dontations. But Maple Story isnt just trying to shut down OdinMs for Money,Copright infrigment, etc. They believe that if they cut off the head of all private servers others will go with it. Whether its scared of being sued or just dont have a databse. Id say OdinMs is the head private server with most players, and a a good non-lagg database. And OdinMs is gaining players. Because no one wants to spend there whole life just getting to a high level.

  27. Nexon just wants money. Like they cant get enough from the other millions of players.

    Nexon are gold diggers.

  28. u know whats retarded?
    nexon is sueing Maple PServers cause their losing their players. its not their fault. its their own fault for making maple story so boring and life wasting.

    and another thing
    Maple Private servers Arent Selling anything
    so why should they get sued?
    its not like they are using Neoxns files to earn their own money… But Seriously Nexon sucks when it comes to lawsuits

  29. I think Nexon has no right to sue OdinMS or any other private server, simply because OdinMS is not making any profit from their private server. They only accept donations which they use to upgrade their server, and players give the money willingly. Nexon states that they wouldn’t give a damn if some random guy creates some private server not to have any profit. That’s what I read in an article.

    Anyway will the sueing help Nexon in anyway? Most probably not. At most they will prevent their players left from declining. Players leave Nexon’s version as they find it time-consuming. Let’s say, OdinMS has 1000x exp than Nexon’s 1x. And when you play the original version of Maple, you play like hell 1000x slower than private versions.

    In the first place playing comp games are not benefical except that they let you relax and stuff. And when you target to train a Lv200 character, you slog your guts out to do something that still belongs to Nexon even when you pay hundreds of dollars for Nexon cash to do up your character. It’s all theirs.

    When you play a private server, you can play 1000x faster and you get the same things eventually. Lets have an example, it takes approx 50 000h to train a Lv200, and you can train 1000x faster to train a Lv200 private server character in 50h or lesser, maybe? Which is the more practical one?

    This, for PLAYERS, is not about the problem of “legitimacy” if there is any, it’s about practical use of time when you spend your time playing comp games. If you keep insisting about “legitimacy”, would that make you play happier if you could play 1000x faster on another? You would slog your brains, guts, blood etc out…

    Would you waste your life and insisting about “legitimacy” or play faster, happier?


    stop giving out lawsuits because your losing a couple hundred dollars. SO WHO THE FUCK CARES!! You guys are a multi-million dollar corp. and suing a small PServer because they are scaring you (OMg we are losing money) doesnt make you look any better! The fact that they took it this far goes to show you HOW MUCH NEXON REALLY SUCKS! No one wants to sit at their house for 10hours trying to LVL ONCE! And yes im very PISSED! Not only am i losing a geat PServer but im losing a great community and a great staff! Since when have you EVER seen the GMs at GMS work any harder than a PServer’s GMs do? NEVER! Cuz they are too buisy counting their money. THE MONEY THAT YOU PUT IN THEIR POCKETS EVERYDAY! You spend what?…$10-$200?!? WHAT THE FUCK? AND FOR WHAT? Only to LOOSE THAT AND BUY MORE OF THERE CRAPPY NX! Its a NEVER-ENDING CYCLE! Thats how they are making money! Now tell me Who is the bad guy here?

    Nexon = charges EACH player 10-200 dollars

    PServers = accepts DONATIONS! (prob $10) (and now we are getting sued for money we cant pay!)

    I think
    PServers = GoodGuys

    FLAME ME ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE THERE CAN NEVER BE MORE HATRED IN THIS LITTLE POST THAN ANY OTHER! To all you that side & play with NEXON remember this you no-lifers! When you reach LvL200 with all the cool NX! Guess What?!? You FAIL! FAIL to see that you waisted probably 10 years of your life (minus well be in jail for 10 years!) and probably nearly spent over $1000 (on pixilated items that dissapear in 2-3 months?!)! Than what? NOTHING! You probably think oh this guy is just an ass nexon is the giid guys there codes were stolen! Well guess WHAT! Why were they stolen in the first place? And how? It shows the lack of dedication to the game itself! The GMs that i played with were ONE MILLION MORE TIMES DEDICATED TO THE GAME AND THE COMMUNITY ITSELF THAN NEXON WILL EVER BE! PServers will survive! There will be a way to crack your encryption code! You know why? Cuz you fail! When you take down one PServer 3 more come up! Than what? Charge your players more money so you can make up for your losses?!? LMFAO…You Suck!

    To all you players that play maple…JUST QUIT! your kidding yourelf if you even think that your gonna get to lvl 100! And if you do that means only one thing! YOU HAVE NO LIFE! The reason why people hate you is because you do nothing to help the community but sit on your ass and stare at your little yellow bar move Centimeter by Centimeter every..umm…idk…HOUR! The reason why PServers exist is to explore the game of maplestory in a more easyer fasion and of cource no so time consuming! To all of you NO-LIFERS out there OTHER PEOPLE HAVE LIVES TOO! We have JOBs, Families, Girlfriends (not like i would expect you to understand), boyfriends (if oyur a girl!), Friends and maybe even school! Dont ruin our few hours fun because you FAIL at LIFE!

    ~LocalMS beggining to end~

  31. Well guys just to say something I don’t think anyone else has said(its a pretty good point), one of the reasons Nexon sued OdinMS is because OdinMS forums taught people how to make private servers. Another HUGE thing Nexon was mad at is that OdinMS put TitanMS up for download. TitanMS was all Nexon’s programming and therefore was STOLEN and posted online. I don’t disagree with Nexon’s argument, however I DO believe that they were much too harsh about a simple private server. What Nexon isn’t realizing is that after a while, private servers like OdinMS that have exp multipliers tend to get boring and die out after a while. And another reason OdinMS was sued is because they were VERY popular. On that note, I would suggest that if you see a poll for the best private server, do NOT vote for one you play on. Nexon goes to these kinds of sites to look for popular severs and see if theyre doing anything bad, or if they’re just too popular in general. Once again, Nexon’s argument is a good one, but they take it too harshly. I hope this clears a few things up.

  32. LOL Nexon sucks. Cuz then again if they dont know… as soon as they take away Pservers were not gunna come back to GMS and Sea. WHy the hell should we? i mean i dunt wana be like 1x exp 3.2kexp from a himme. its not fun i would rather experience the High level stuff.

  33. Nexons profits are actually up. they are not losing money. In OdinMS and every other server that takes donations, you get extra goodies for donating. Thats the same as them charging for stuff. Nexon has every right to sue. If you dont like nexons rates on gms. Dont fckin play. There are many more people to take your place on the servers.

    Go Nexon Go

  34. There weren’t even private servers when cash shop weren’t invented, you should all shut up. Making private servers IS illegal, it’s like, stealing someones game. Nexon is right. SUE ODINMS.

  35. @noob:

    Making private servers may be illegal, however there will always, and I mean ALWAYS be people that are willing to take the risk. Just look at World of Warcraft, Blizzard isn’t suing any privates, right? I’m just saying that Nexon should do the same. If what Upeopleare idiots says is true, why should they care about trying to get us back? They wouldn’t make any more money out of it.

  36. Nexon, if your reading this. Make sure you fuck off our private server business as it does no harm to you. I don’t get why you take prvate servers so seriously.

  37. I am in no way siding with Nexon – I think that the moment Nexon merged with Wizet, MapleStory was the cause of all of this – but MapleStory is just business to them. Private servers ARE better than Global Maplestory, but Private servers are making money (all-be-it not as much as Global) off of their stuff. They aren’t being compensated for people using their designs so they have every right to sue.

    Money whores, the lot of them. If you ask me, the game isn’t even worth it. 😐

  38. I quit GMS cuz its boring as hell! I joined a private server because i wanted to see what its like being 3rd or 4th job! I never bought any of nexons shit cuz you only buy useless pixelated items just to make ur character look better.

  39. Nexon is a piece of crap, they even violate their terms by stating nx cash users will not have an unfair advantage over normal players, yet they do. They even received an F from the Better Business Bureau which is the lowest a company can get. They never pay attention to customer support and they fail to do anything about maplstory’s issues. Only when they start losing money, when the 12 year olds stop buying their homosexual NX crap, do they actually start to do anything. OdinMS doesn’t deserve this. They should just deal with private servers, WoW doesn’t even care because it’s still making money, and besides you can never get rid of them. There will always be someone out there that will create one. Besides, nexon is throwing their files out there, they’re just asking for it. As long as a server doesn’t make money from being up then it is technically legal.

  40. The people that go to private servers are usually the ones that don’t buy nx. It’s a free game they aren’t making money in the first place.

  41. according to German copyright laws, They have the right to PREVENT defacing (which they neglected to do), they also must be specified as the author (still at the beginning), and they have all economic usage rights (people donate to the owner, not to the game directly).

  42. Everyone’s gone into such colorful and elaborative detail, that I’ll just try to keep it in a nutshell.

    ~Nexon has a “live and let live” policy with hackers. And private servers.
    Until they realize players are dropping left and right. Then they go crazy.
    ~The majority of countries with internet technology employ some sort of constitution which permits freedom of expression *so long as* it doesn’t infringe upon another’s freedom to do so.
    ~Neither Nexon nor private servers wheedle money from their players. Both provide advantages for, in some form or another, surrendering money to them.
    [Also, most private servers don’t even reward people for donations.]

    ~What Nexon NEEDS to realize is their neglect is what causes people to leave MapleStory, due to hackers or private servers.
    The former in security update and adequate monitor staffing, the latter to having a game that is grossly disproportionate in time consumed and benefit rewarded. If they don’t like the fact people are leaving, they should start to focus *internally* before worrying about wth the other guys are doing out there.
    ~I don’t see why Nexon is getting so snarly about losing players to private servers anyway. After all, it’s “free to play,” isn’t it? More players increases the *probabilty* of a profit margin, but doesn’t guarantee it.
    [In any case, “probable cause” is only justified in circumstances that involve potential *harm*, where there isn’t any based on the fact that Nexon can’t PROVE other players *will* choose MapleStory should private servers be removed.]
    ~The only viable argument I see from the pro-Nexoners is that Nexon was the Original. No Nexon did not “create” MapleStory.
    “Honey Bunches of Oats” doesn’t sue Kroger for their “Honey Crisp Medley” cereal, even though it contains the *exact same ingridients* –in the same content-mass order, too, with the same Nutritional Values. [And for the record, the Kroger brand doesn’t get soggy as quickly~ _>;;
    To modify a quote so *elegantly* delivered:
    If you don’t like private servers’ rates among MMORPGs, don’t “fckin play.” There are many more people to take your place on the servers.

  43. Omg, Fuck nexon, think about the owners of Odin, I feel soooo bad for them, I mean 524 grand?! shiet dude, that would buy me a fucking house ok? Odin is so desperate that their accepting donations through paypal to help pay it off and I hope that some of you ex-odin players could help them out. Since odin is gone, R.I.P Odin T_T







  45. Whoever the heck PING is needs to stfu. Nexon IS a big pile of crap. There wasting time suing Odin when they SHOULD just make Maplestory better. Suing Odin will only make them even MORE hated. Wow, they think when they sue Odin the people are just gonna think, oh crap, no more Odin, oh well, I guess i’ll just go back to regular Maplestory. No, there gonna say “WTF NEXON!! WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM!!! YOU PIECE OF CRAP I’M NEVER PLAYING ANY OF YOUR CRAPPY GAMES EVER AGAIN!!!!”

  46. EDITED BY KEZZII: Please refrain from cursing excessively to the point of offending another person, or company, like Nexon America. Please stop with childish comments cursing at them.

  47. All that all of you have said is true. Nexon doesn’t give a shit about anyone, only their own business. But if you think about it, what’s wrong with that? If you owned your own business you would do the same thing to eliminate competition.

    “But ppl who play pservers didn’t pay for NX cash in GMS so technically there was no loss of business.”

    Me: “and yet they are willing to donate to odin?” Isn’t that the same thing?

    No matter how much people yell, no matterNexon wins the lawsuit or not, nothing will change. Private servers will still exist, it is impossible for Nexon to hunt down every single private server out there. (If they won’t hunt down the last remaining hackers, they won’t bother to hunt down hundreds and maybe thousands of private servers)

  48. Wow you huys are the biggest noobs ever. Nexon fails because I happen to know a lot about private servers and a lot of private servers get the code on their own. Sueing one private server wont stop them all. We will just get the code ourselves.Fail Fail and more fail.

  49. Ok First Of All Odin has a chance of winning cuz there are more people they support odin then nexon.1st its too hard lvling in real maple.for odinms i became lvl 36 ina week i didnt have to be a geek and play 8 hrs a in a week in real maple im only lvl 20 in a i didnt have to crazy like geek.odin was i like odinms.

  50. if they make real maple better like eaiser to lvl up nexon would get the players back but if they dnt they will probably lose more. they made a new server called i forgot wats it called but mostly every1 in the new server is 100 to 70 lvl and theres now even a lvl 200 in the new server . and odin should win. because i want there server back! contact me fore the website

  51. Nexon do U tink u can make more players come 2 GlobalMS? EVERYBODY MAKE MORE PRIVATE SERVERS SEE HOW MUCH $ THEY USE 2 SUE US!!! BTW NEXON U SUK

  52. Edited by Savage

    If you have something to say about a company, don’t start cursing at them. It just makes you sound like an idiot and justifies what they do.

    From now on, all comments cursing at NEXON without any substance whatsoever will be edited or deleted depending on the mood of me and the Head Staff.

  53. I seriously doubt Nexon has thought this through at all. If you focus on meeting the player’s needs, there woudn’t be a loss at all. Give away more NX, it entices more people to get NX rather than sue a private server for money they don’t have. The PServers were made for the gamers who just wanted to relax and not be a “hardcore geek”. It’s not like you’re going to lose MONEY by giving away a virtual product. It’s like those advertisements that say “HEY, FREE SAMPLE, TRY THIS FOR 1 MONTH IF IT DOESN’T WORK, BRING IT BACK” try to acctually learn from the acctually intelligent companies, also, a 300x exp event world just MIGHT bring SOME of the PServer players back.

  54. This is BS, they think if they destroy ODin people will go back, people will get mad and make other servers, it’s their lost if they keep sueing others

  55. This is the most BSing thing I’d ever heard.Nexon is probably one of the most greediest company,I’d ever seen.Comparing to how much money they gets from the NX whores,it’s amazing how great their customer services is.Over the past 3 years they promised to have more events and GMs,but GM barely shows up after the official game was released.Of course there has been quite a few GMs,and events these past month,and of course they also show up to ban people,but that’s not a lot for 3 years.I was once a loyal GMS player,but after so many failed attempts from GMS and their patch it’s hardly unbelievable.If they were to add some new fun PQ for 60+ then I would definately come back,but it seem a waste of time as of now and Odin is not profiting anything from Nexon.I understand there is also such a thing as copyright laws,but Nexon is a free game and it’s the player choice to make it free or not.

  56. Ok, look at this way I don’t side with anybody..however Nexon does have a right to sue. It’s like I go and cook some chicken with the same recipies as KFC and call it “Private KFC” lol anyway and I start to give it away for free this is KFC losing business therefore KFC if they found out who was making them lose this money would sue because although I am not making a profit I’m using there name which they have worked hard to make popular and now they lose money. Yes I do like private servers but it’s pretty much playgarism(I think i spelled it right.) And btw guys don’t flame me if im wrong im only 14 but this is my opinion OBAMA FTW o.o

  57. Everyone is putting up Odin sources now to show how Nexon i “getting rid” of private servers. Instructions + Noobs + files = MORE PRIVATE SERVERS, hamachi or not.

  58. no money or not…nexon has the right to sue odin…..someone(odin) takes something(maple) from you(nexon) and making it theirs….of course you’re gona get pissed and fucking sue them, who wouldn’t…..?….i wouldn’t fucking sue odin….i would kill them o_O

  59. look at games like world of warcraft,tibia, and runescape. They ALL have private servers and the real owners really dont give a shit. suing will get them NOWHERE. if anything it will make people hate the game more. If you wanna see how many servers there are yourselves, go on google or w.e and type in tibia ot servers, there are THOUSANDS of them Old and New,and guess what..tibia doesnt care lol.let the people play what they want.stop whining over a little money lost jeez.

  60. you guys are dumb.

    nexon has the right to sue them, that is why they are suing lololol.

    I saw this in thier terms of use….

    “Code of Conduct. While using the Service and Software, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to take any actions we deem necessary and appropriate to preserve the integrity of the Service and Software. We further reserve the right to determine what conduct is outside the “spirit” of the Service and games provided therein. While using the Service, you agree not to:

    Download, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, modify, distribute or publicly display any of the content or information contained in the Service except as expressly authorized by this Agreement;

    Use tools which hack or alter the Software, Cash Items or the Service or that allow you to connect to the Software’s private binary interface or utilize user or other interfaces other than those provided by us to you;

    Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble all or any portion of the Service, Cash Items or Software;

    Host, provide matchmaking services for, or emulate or redirect the communications protocols used by us (or our designees) as part of the Service, including, without limitation, by protocol emulation, tunneling, reverse engineering, modifying the Software or using a utility program to host the Software;”

  61. hey dude. most pservers get donations just to keep the server and webbie running. they dont do it for personal gains kae. think b4 u post

  62. hey i just posted a couple of these on mapleglobals fourms all over the place so people can see wats going on

  63. uh…okay….I’m not taking side or anything(which most of u already have)but let’s assume that if you are the creator of MapleStory, and people started to create private servers , would you like it? Watching people taking your creation and altering it, would you be happy??Well .., I don’t know about you guys but if it is me , I would be angry :(.And to everyone who is participating in this argument , I hope you would solve all the misunderstanding and enjoy your life while you can and peace to all of you , regardless of your race , nationality , religion and opinion..^^Don’t get mad at me^^I’m only 15..

  64. In my personal opinion Odin might lose the case due to lack of funds, Nexon’s response and re-actions to private servers will cause more hatred and less players for GMS
    If you would check xtremetop100, you will find that tons of games have private servers including WOW. Blizzard ignored that WOW private servers are out which showed that they handled the situation maturely even though they might face some losses but that doesn’t stop players from playing the actual server.

    Why spent time & money to play GMS? Buying 2x Exp cards? Having cool nx items to flaunt? Spamming the megaphones to prove you’re rich?
    In private servers, you can get the same stuff for a lesser cost or even free. Exp rates over 100x which almost every player will have a *chance* to test out 4th job skills. Most of the funds in donations are mostly spent on Upgrading the server however some servers use them for personal usage.

    I support OdinMS & will be looking forward the the results of the lawsuit

  65. Its funny how Nexon didnt care about TitanMs source, But Odin started a reveloution.

    Im sure Nexon is doing something illegal here in the process. There has to be something we can sue NEXON for.

    I would lol if Nexon got sued.

  66. haha i play maple but i playd dark ms till they shut down darkms now i quit maple global i cant wait till nexon gets sued and where aloud to play dark ms

  67. wow….Nexon is so jealous cuz we don’t want to play there crappy game now there blocking Europeans atleast Private servers dont block people and its easy to make mesos/pots and its 8x 8x 8x it was so much fun until nexon killed it like always…..

  68. The reason blizzard isnt taking action on private servers is BECAUSE BLIZZARD MAKES HOW MUCH A MONTH FROM THE PEOPLE ALRDY IN THEIR SERVERS??? ALOT YEA ALOT!!!! LIke idk 800 MIl a month or some shit since MILLIONS of people log on each day which they have to pay 15 dollars a month which big money so yea they dont care if people leave cuz they dont rely c a dif in there money atleast thats what i believe And about nexon There just total greedy fags sueing lil kids for making a server more fun

  69. lol also this clearly states maplestory isnt a free game cuz there sueing them over money issues LOL thats kinda stupid Free2play Lol maplestory is turning into knightsonline


  71. Nexon does have the right to sue Odin,
    but they aren’t very smart.
    They can easily gain back some players if they lower the cash shop prices and if the EXP rate goes higher.
    But they choose not to.
    Because they only want our money. They don’t give a shit if the customers are happy or not.
    Nexon just wants to get customers who would buy their virtual crap with real money.
    And they don’t want to loose their paying customers. Therefore, they sue.

  72. Nexon is a great company and i for one are glad that they are having pirates i cant wait and for maple fans the pirates are coming out Nov,11.

  73. Serves those noobs in private servers right, if you want benefits such as NX clothes and godly equips, Earn it. Either money or meso.

    Sure, Nexon can be nasty and not really give a shit about its players sometimes but arent all companies somewhat similar?

    and replying to “ME.”

    I admit lowering prices for NX items will probably never happen, but raising exp rates is just stupid. All it does is speed everyones levelling so why bother?

    MapleStory is a game that REQUIRES patience and determination.
    Idiots who jump to conclusions quickly, MS is not for you.

  74. I believe( i got a PS myself) that nexon has the right to sue but odin…
    no. The idea of private servers is to SEE what it is like to be lvl 200 or something. it’s not like if you play odin and get to lvl 200 they hack the nexon/wizet database and upload ur account for u to play ACTUAL GMS with a lvl 200 char.It’s totally unfair. I’ll give u an example:
    Nexon:Hey this month’s profit is $10 less than last month. I know let’s sue a private server.
    Odin: Hey how are you nexon
    Nexon:We are gonna sue you for $524,325!!
    Odin: WHY? WTF
    Nexon for violating line 5 between the letters that says if we lose money we sue some random Private server that only gives the option of donating.
    Odin: SHIT that’s bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  75. This also is an exeption to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act:
    “Computer programs and video games distributed in formats that have become obsolete and that require the original media or hardware as a condition of access, when circumvention is accomplished for the purpose of preservation or archival reproduction of published digital works by a library or archive. A format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace”
    Most private servers(including Odin) run in version 5.5 or as the act puts it “a format that is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace” So technicaly they cant sue( I know i contradicted my statement above but for the sake of convinience ignore it)

  76. OMFG check out this statement of mapleglobal: ”We are responding to the case regarding the Private Servers, We like ham not really, wel yes we do” Shocking isnt it

  77. Nexon has every friggin right to sue private servers. They leech off players making less people play regular MS. It’s like stealing a donut from u fat fags. You steal and you take donations of what you didnt make at all. You guys dont do no shyt but hack regular MS punk asses. Cry all you want because you lost your stupid accounts you used. Fear the queer = You fags

  78. Wow, after reading all the comments, I really feel that MapleSea/Global sucks. Their GMs are so lazy that you don’t even see them around. My account was hacked. 😦
    And they don’t give a damn if your account got hacked or anything.
    If NEXON wants their players back, they’ll need more tactics than sueing them. Because sueing them will not solve their problem of losing their players. Too bad NEXON has got dung for brains.
    GO ODIN!! 😛

  79. I understand where Nexon’s coming from, that they’re losing their customers AND potential customers to what a 14 year old guy has built in his basement. It sucks that after you’ve copyrighted all your material and someone else steals your customers because you’ve modified it a bit. It’s the exact reason why bootlegged material is illegal.

    Private server players will most likely not go back to GMS because they want to rebel against them; bring back the PServers. :/ Nexon better boost their rates, even a little, to try and haul back those who have left.

  80. i think Maple Global/Sea should atleast increase their rates by a little since most ppl that play private servers only have 1 reason, and that is to earn big money easily and get equips that they are hunting from monsters faster and of course leveling up faster

    No offence Nexon

  81. nexon sure has the balls.. first they get the licensed contract from wizet in 2003 and they screw the game over, put wizet out of business and then steal the sourcecode from them and forced them into bankruptcy, ever since that they’ve been developing content at their own pace and none of the players were satisfied.. splitting up beta to make maplsea? 3 years to wait for 4th job? unsatisfactory customer support? like couldnt they see this coming? lol its too late for them to shutdown every server because the odinms files are out to the public.. ppl will just develop off it just like they did with the Ragnarok Online emulator called YARE

    oh and some other things.. kart rider was shutdown because they dont make enough money off it.. next? mabinogi will be shutdown and be reopened under a company called gamecampus.

    nexon you fail and you WILL end up just like wizet did

  82. We have the right to make private servers due to the reasons that nexon has crappy game rates which makes it boring and hard they coudlve atleast make the game rates 4xexp and 4xmesos so it isnt so hard.

    And to the gms in nexon they are so frikkin lazy it takes forever for them to ban a hacker.

    Nexon sucks!!

  83. Well, you need to remember that nexon didn’t make maplestory, they bought out wizet who made maple, like how nintendo now owns sonic the hedgheog. when wizet were in charge it was 4X exp, 4X meso and 2X drop, nexon lowered it when they designed nexon items, there never was wizet items, you might have never noticed but all the gm’s clothes say wizet, all the patches are done by wizet and maple korea is still owned by wizet, but by contract they must say through game that nexon owns them, they do but they dont call the shots there

  84. How about this, is it illegal to make your own private server like not to launch it world wide just between you and your friends? Would you still get sued if Nexon found out you and your friends were playing on a private server made by you? I’m saying what if there was just a school wide server with like 10 people on or so. It would be like chatting only you can kill monsters and what not. I’ve been doing that, my server was pretty stable it was custom coded and everything the only people playing is probably me and 10 of my other friends and like 5 of their cousins so maybe at max 35 on every hour. We are ALL Admins so no donations so that is not illegal right? No donations we just play a private private server to enjoy.

  85. I think nexon is being silly because most PS’s donation functions give you something special like gm skills or 20 free white scrolls.Isn’t that about the same as giving nexon money to buy nx? Also, when Nexon got on Fox, The mom said “For an 11 year old, they were pretty large charges.” An 11 year old? you gotta be kidding. Nexon’s Terms of Service say that you have to be 18 or older( not like anyone listens) to play and they let this guy slip by them. Breaking the terms of service? Why don’t Nexon sue themselves! Besides, if Nexon succeeds in sueing Odin, there will still be private servers, and almost everyone who plays a PS, and the real MS,will know this happened and have some sort of hatred towards Nexon. How did they make money b4 the cash shop was there anyway?

    “Free to play.Pay to enjoy.Make a private server and we sue you.Have a great day!”P.S we will not sue you

  86. Hey, you guys shouldn’t be sued. You weren’t using the money for a profit. Now that’s illegal for copying ms. The money was probably for the make the server better. I never see Nexon doing that.
    Btw, if the terms and agreements before entering the site said that anybody from any coporation (including Nexon) comes into the site, then they can’t send the information to Nexon. That would have prevented all this trouble

  87. ¡ use 2 play maple infact ¡ was good perfect jumper great money plans and every thing but after ¡ got 2 lv 50 with every job leveling kinda jus stoped now ¡ never played odin ms but ¡ did play priavet severs fuck it ¡ play them now. ¡ finally got 2 hit zakum and see horntail and a lot of things ¡ made a private sever the other day for my community and wow ¡ have every one from my hood playing my rates are different every day and not lower than 100 moral to the story nexon ¡ had a dream ¡ would get 100 dollars and come baq 2 ur game if you win this lawsuit ill delete all my memorys of GMS and im allowing ppl on 2 my sever pleava hit me up on aim


  88. Hello use 2 play maple infact ¡ was good perfect jumper great money plans and every thing but after ¡ got 2 lv 50 with every job leveling kinda jus stoped now ¡ never played odin ms but ¡ did play priavet severs fuck it ¡ play them now. ¡ finally got 2 hit zakum and see horntail and a lot of things ¡ made a private sever the other day for my community and wow ¡ have every one from my hood playing my rates are different every day and not lower than 100 moral to the story nexon ¡ had a dream ¡ would get 100 dollars and come baq 2 ur game if you win this lawsuit ill delete all my memorys of GMS and im allowing ppl on 2 my sever pleava hit me up on aim


  89. Come on Nexon. What’s your fkin deal?

    All you guys are, are money grubbers.
    “Oh, who cares about hackers? We don’t! They don’t make us lose any money!..Omg! A private server? We’re gonna sue them! We’re losing our players, meaning less people buying NX, meaning less money for us! FK!”

    You get what I mean. If Nexon maybe spend more time trying to improve their dam-ass game, less of us would go to Pservers. And, Runescape and all those others games have Pservers too, but I don’t see them crying about it.

    NEXON, LISTEN UP! YOU GUYS FAIL! NO WONDER YOU HAVE A D IN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! HAHA! LOSERS! (Seriously, I checked it up, and they actually got rated that. What would you expect? Lmao.)

  90. Nexon, I’ve actually been playing your game for quite sometime, and take my words into consideration please.

    I’m gonna be honest with you, I’ve never tried out OdinMS, because I’ve only found out about Private Servers during 2008 Mid Summer. And I’ve tried many Private Servers out, I’ve also made one (dont worry I did it just to see what it was like (it was a small thing, and it’s not active anymore)), and I could understand why alot of people are upset.

    Many people dont really like the fact that you have to “Pay” for certain advantages, like fame, poplarity, and ect. Meaning buying NX Cash and ect.

    Those who say that we “Play” Private Servers is because we dont play to pay, or something of that. That’s NOT true, because on my part I’ve bought NX Cash before, although I somewhat feel ripped off (Because NX Items in GMS only last 30-90 days or something like that). So I’d thought I’d bring that up.

    Also the fact of the long “leveling”. Is also rediculous.

    I’ve been playing Maplestory for about 4 years now, and I have never reached lvl 50. And when I first played a private server, I was lvl 135 in a matter of days =.

    I no longer play private servers, and I was planning to play the regular MS just now, I have to DL screen in my face, and now I’m kidna determining weather or not to hit the done button…

    I dont think you should be sueing OdinMS, because alot of people are correct, you may threaten other major Private Servers, but that will not stop the creation. I hate to say this, but no matter how much you try to threaten or “Sue” a Private Server, there will ALWAYS be that one person who will take the risk to create a Private server.

    So I’m not taking sides with Anyone, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

    BTW: Some of you who are against Private Servers, and talking stupidity about people like me, should really watch what you say. Because (not to offend you Nexon America) we only join them because the leveling in GMS is entirely out ragous, I mean, countless hours of leveling, Nexon you have to understand where were coming from. I mean, some of us want to play, enjoy the feeling, and have fun.

    And also Private Server Users, you should watch what you say too. Just because Nexon is Sueing, you should read MapleStory and Nexons Term of Use. We take the risks, but what were doing is wrong. So somewhat UNDERSTAND were Nexon America is coming from.

    All though Nexon America, if you take our words into consideration, you may gain more Users/Players, Money, and Fun.

    The main reason people (like myself) play Private Servers, is mainly because of:
    1. Fast Leveling
    2. Free Nexon Cash
    3. Enjoyment
    4. Experience
    – Exploring place we could never see as Low Levels.
    – Experimenting what it’s like as a Staff Member (Mod, Admin).
    – Experimenting with items not accesible in Regular Maple Story.

    So maybe if you could understand why we join or make Private Servers, you could understand where were coming from.

    PS: I can assure you if you worked something out with this information, you’d get alot of people to join the regular MapleStory Again. I really enjoy the real GMS, but it hurts me to know that better is out there, thats why I decided to post this.

    Happy Mapling.

  91. Hello, it’s me Odin.
    The ex Serveradmin of one of the World Leading WoW Private Servers and I’m a Friend of richan.
    Today richan informed me, that there came progress in the whole story.
    There will be a new letter released today or tomorrow.
    More info soon on:


  92. tell you the truth i think nexon is like o sure u can play for free
    wanna get rich pay and pay a lot nexon go fuck urself i bet nexon people were just persons who couldnt get laid and shit in high school so they take it out on every1 else those gay fags

  93. lol y r u ppl so mad ms private servers suck there is no reason to play them they r actually worse than the real ms cause
    1.they r illegal is much easier to get stuff so it takes away the fun is fun as it is

  94. lol nexon.

    also shirosaki, thanks for your input, but I really couldn’t undertand any of what you said. Try again? (Y/N)

    For the ones that TL;DR the whole mess:

    “mple stry is srs busines.”

  95. In my opinion Nexon has full right to sue the private servers because by taking their source codes its basically stealing. for example if you see someone left their wallet on a table at a restaurant your not going to steal it correct? Well this is basically the same issue when you get down to it.

  96. In my opinion, Nexon has every right to sue Odin. Nexon owns the .wz files, and therefore it is theirs. Odin doesn’t have a right to take those files and edit them to their preference. They couldn’t be sued if they created their server from scratch, but they didn’t. Therefore, Nexon is able to sue Odin.

  97. I’ve played Maple for a while. I quit at level 1. You know why? Cause’ I suck at games like those. Hey I kill a snail, I’m like level 30 on a private server. Kill a uber-mega-nigga faggot monster on the original and you get more yellow bars. I mean, I like the cool effects and sounds. But, what people really want is to feel what it’s like to be a higher level, explore maps, get cool equipment, and especially meet new people. The world isn’t a perfect place, and no matter how you Fagnexions, or whatever you Nexon fags are called, try to make it better by suing some poor fellow, who does not have the money, for someone who knows what it’s like to have fun, then Nexon… You really do not care about the players. For instance, the hacker-situation. You guys really suck big black hairy testicles because you just made so many people hate you just by suing Odin or what not. I really hope you’re not reading this because you might as well go kill take a rugged rusty knife and slice open your stomach, put 60 pounds of 6 molar Hydrocholric acid into your stomach and let it sit there for 40 hours, while at that.. It’d be a good idea to bend over backwards to lick your own asshole because you just literally fucked yourself over from bringing your customers back into your games. Good luck on keeping your games up because you’re all just pussy bitches. Really, you guys need to take those grapefruits out of your ass cause’ you enjoy that too much. And, you should post pictures of what your CEO’s look like so I can get a good look at who to throw eggs at. Hmm…. I can go on and on and on about the things to do to your people. And believe me.. I won’t be the only one. Well, it was nice venting those thoughts, I wish I can say more but, I don’t want to waste the people’s times reading this, unlike how you waste their lives with hour per percentage right? I really think that millions of people right now are hoping that you die. Well, good luck shoving grapefruits up your ass.

  98. If maplestory doesnt want people playing p servers, easy solution. ADD PVP and better rates!

  99. nexon,
    no offence to staff and etc
    but the first thing you did wrong
    is choose to sell nx cash for $
    if you were more like jagex with runescape
    private server’s a lot of people would like

    jagex- they dont care if you have private servers of runescape,they only sued 1 server
    and they have been for like 2-3 years now.

    the reason they sued frugoscape is because they made people pay money for membership, and etc.

    why dont you please stop trying to sue servers there harmless…
    they just dont like the fact you make people pay money to “look” cooler or like that want on a “game”.

    you could lower prices,and have more event to player liking to regain players
    but sueing them is only going to make them more angry

    so here me out,

  100. This is pathetic.
    Nexon really want to earn cash then why not join with private servers?
    Let people make there own and ask for a small percentage of the money a private server might make each month.
    Suing for that amount of money is out of line.
    Or they could make there game like… A private server I don’t see why not?
    These Hard games where you might get to level 40 and get bored won’t gain any potential players. While hundreds of private servers have loads of people joining because its fun.
    Good luck to you, its a small chance you’ll win but i hope you don’t have to pay a huge amount for somthing this pathetic.

  101. Jam, I understand your feeling, but first off, if Nexon did that, more p-servers would pop up, more competition for MS, and worse: by joining with some p-servers, other p-servers will be emboldened.

    Nexon is a money-crazed buisness. I’m sorry, but the fact is that all buisnesses want to make the “green stuff that folds”. With a monetary incentive, Nexon won’t give their best to please their community; heck, whereas private servers have better GMs, community, gaming system, and etc.

    But, I will personally bet you that given a chance, the private servers would create a buisness, and become just like Nexon (i have never seen a coproation that can resist the lure of money)

    P.S. If you wanna make LOTTA MESOS in both GMS and MapleSea, invest in polearms, polearm scrolls, and maybe some warrior armour NOW. Why? Beacuse classes like Aran always creates an inflation in prices, etc, etc.

    I personally guarantee you that this will make money-only probelm is, sell it before the prices drop (it might sound simple, but have you ever been to wall street? predicting stock prices ain’t that simple)

    And yesh-thank me all you want for giving you a chance to make millions (but the polearm prices may fall within 1week; check how popular it is to GMs and MSEA daily to predict your income from the polearm) =D

    *NOTE: You don’t have to have a funded account to make money; take your time, look at good tiems, and etc.



  102. why should we have to use real money for stuff that lasts for 90 days. what a ripoff!!!! nexon charges us 10 at least and u cant get anything good with it

  103. nexon u suk ballz. all the ppl that side with nexon, think about it. sue a private server, which the GMS actually work, unlike the crappy GMS that fricken do nothing. I waisted $30 for crap that lasted 90 days. 90 DAYS!!! that could have been used for helping little orphans and u sue a pserver that makes $20 a year!!! u GMS dont do anything.u ban random ppl for crap u did. nexon should be shut down, burned, and destroyed. and i thought ur game was awesome. posers!!

    NEXON U GUYS SUK A GAY GUYS DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nexon= dikholes

    pservers= awesome

  104. Damn, so true. Free to play, pay to enjoy. I hate Nexon now. All they do is release stupid 90day garbage into the item mall and call it an “event”. Yeah, it’s an event, in fact it’s the biggest event for them because they’re making money. When was the last time you saw a new non nx item being released into the game. “But nexon released Evans” WTF??. Of course, you know at lv30 you need 2.5k nx to buy the mastery books, right? Congratulations Nexon, more money. Oh yeah, not to mention they teamed up with the biggest scamming company aka fatcatrewards;opinionsworld;and heaps more other scamming companies and are risking players to be scammed real life money for pixelated shit. I hate Nexon.

  105. ehhh,TIme to read a book guys 😀
    Nexon haz NX, u purchase(by OWN FREE WILL) and only last…90days….WTF? so to keep up ur “good Look” u buy 10$ 20$ 30$ game cards(maybe) to keep it up.
    Also exp 1 day can get me to lv 30, then it stops… 3months later only lv 42 WTF?
    Pserver dontaions(spellingerror><)(by OWN FREE WILL once again) they hav no right to sue them! i neva play OdinMS but i've seen x100000000000 more ppl using f2 f3 f6 etc.

    They hav more gentle commutities! PServer is where u can RELAX from years of grinding
    (refer to this link and see wut probably happened TO ALL lv 200 ppl)

  106. i actual wish nexon sued odin as them getting money of course they would keep alot of the money but they could use that money to prevent hacks and updates and alot more.

  107. i hate nexon you guys are terrible i did MY BEST TO LEGIT LEVEL REPORTED HACKERS NEVER AFFILIATED MYSELF WITH HACKERS i spent 2 weeks of hardcore play lvling up a new char i spent at least $300 on your nexon faggotness AT LEAST each time hoping that you guys would somehow allow for nexon items to be kept for a longer period i AM STILL FURIOUS AT THE FACT that one i lvled that char to 50 i was sooooooooo close i had just bought steelys LEGITLY BOUGHT STEELYS I LEGITELY MADE 13MIL (the amount the cost at the time) FROM PURE GRINDING THOSE RED DRAKES HOPING THAT THEY WOULD DROP AND BOOM NEVER ONCE DID THEY on top of that i had just reached lvl 50 and my account got completely hacked COMPLETELY HACKED AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU FCKERS SENT ME??? A LETTER SAYING THAT I TAKE THE RISK OF BEING HACKED WHEN I PLAY THE GAME FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i played that game so much married TWO SLUTS JUST CUZ I COULD AND THATS THE BEST YOU ASSHOLES COULD SAY FUCK YOU MAPLE FUCK YOU NEXON YOU GREEDY PIGS when you get the fucking balls to right me an apology letter for that bs let me know until then I AM GONNA CONTINUE WRITING AND PREVENTING MANY PEOPLE THAT I KNOW IN REAL LIFE FROM PLAYING THAT FAGGOTRY fuck your 1 million players 25% of those fuckers are hackers and im done with maple nexon you guys can eat a dick i hope you guys lose your lawsuit against odin i hope odin shits on your face and takes all of your players you pigs dont deserve all the players you guys have especially with an attitude that doesnt even consider a players attitude EAT A DICK NEXON

  108. @Spirit

    If it weren’t for Nexon/Wizet
    OdinMS wouldn’t exist therefore.
    However I did manage to play Odin quite more and enjoyed it.
    The reason why Nexon is f*cking up on there servers is because, Guess what happened on the incident on Feburary 27, 2010 a GM was hacked because “He posted an event notice on the marquee without him knowing he put his Username & Password displayed.”
    And it tooked them about 1-2 hrs for a GM to ban the hacker and get him off the GM account.
    Cmon now nexon, This is why! -.- you guys have no damn security for your fucking games
    it tooked them 2 hrs man WTF how many GM’s do you guys have this is totally unacceptable and unexusable.
    Thats bullshit nexon is jealous because they don’t have a ability to make a good server with good exp rates NO. So nexon just decided to sue them so they could get their players back, Nexon just quite whinning and DEAL with it who gives a flying fuck if someone has a private server. LOOK AROUND you theres now at least 2000+ servers around and you dont do shit. You guys are pathetic
    I played MS for 4-5 years well now no more
    Consider your self a good paying costumer NOW gone.
    Im going to play some call of duty

  109. Nexon, you guys are just pathetic. you guys sued a private server for taking what, maybe 10,000 of you’re MILLIONS of players. you may lose like .01% of your profit, big fucking deal. if you really wanted more people to play your server, first off you should of never created the big bang patch, it totally ruined the game. also like many others have said make better exp rates. Nothing outrages, just maybe 20x the normal exp, 15x the meso rate and 10x the drop rate or something along those lines. just so its easier and more fun to play the game. personally it took me about 6 MONTHS to get to level 72 on a character. on NidoMS (a server u recently shut down, probably because you were jealous that they were a better server then you) it took me about 2 weeks to get to level 117. thats a reasonable rate to level up at. And you guys are NOT the original owners of maplestory, there used to be a Korean site that had made maple a long time before you butted in and took it from them. you guys don’t care about your players what so ever, there are too many hackers that make the game unplayable. personally i have been playing since the beta version and have been hacked numerous times WITHOUT giveing out my information to any one. where as every private server I’ve played i have never once been hacked. I don’t think i need to say much more. you guys have a lot of work to do if u want private servers to end, and the only way to do that is to change the way your game is run, but i highly doubt you will, therefor i doubt private servers will end. Good luck trying to get rid of em’ all. Peace you fuckin’ morons ❤

  110. @Alex, Spirit, Jam, and all others who think NEXON is lame or gay.

    First thing, listen to yourselves, you all sound like babies whining that private servers are going down and such. The fact is, private servers are illegal, and NEXON has a right to sue anyone who runs an illegal version of their game, that’s right Alex, THEIR game. We all know that Maplestory was created by Wizet, but when NEXON bought Wizet, they bought Maplestory as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am biased when it comes to the NEXON vs Private Servers (and I mean all servers) war. I mean, I love private servers because of their high rates, their free nx, and their small but super friendly communities, but I also support NEXON because, of course, they did made one of the best MMORPG’s in the history of the video game industry. Its only logical that they would sue Odin, because they violated a law that protects Maplestory from people who would want to steal their property. Don’t think as me as a lover of NEXON or a lover of Private servers, think of me as a voice in the middle, who supports both NEXON and Private servers. Also, one more thing, don’t just flame NEXON because they are shutting down OdinMS, its only fair. If I were the admins of OdinMS, I would be like the owner of NidoMS and stand down when asked to, but that’s just me.

    Please consider this before you write something on a subject you don’t know much on.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you take this seriously. 😛

  111. @K1LLTH3M4LL

    Odin coded the whole source side. They didn’t actually steal anything Nexon didn’t want them to see. They just altered the client to send packets to their server instead of the Nexon server. It actually took a lot of work and dedication from their side to make the server. Don’t think making a private server from scratch is simple or just a matter of “1337 haxing teh nexon servers”.

    Note that I’m not saying it isn’t illegal, just that they deserve some sympathy regardless what side of the argument you support.

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