Is Facial Hair Related to the Success of Programming Languages?

Lets see how successful are a few programming languages.

The F# Language.

This is its creator, Don Syme. He doesn’t have a beard, which means his Programming language won’t be a big success.

Next- Prolog.

Look at Alain Colmerauer’s face. No beard – no success!

Now, C.

Ken Thompson, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie all have a beard (more or less 😀 ) and as we all know C is one of the most succssesful programming languages.


C++ is still one of the most popular programming languages – but it is getting more and more unpopular. Lets see why:

So, why does this happen?

Look at Bjarne Stroustrup’s face – now and then:





Basic was once one of the most popular programming languages – but today it is very unpopular. Do you ask why? Here is the answer – Thomas Eugene Kurtz’s (the creator) beard of course!




Perl is still a pretty common programming language.

Larry Wall – Good Job!

Python and Ruby.

Recently these two programming languages became very popular. You obviously know why…

Guido van Rossum (python)

And Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto (Ruby)


Last, but not least- Java

Look at James Gosling’s beard. Did anyone say a picture can say more then a 1000 words?

And there are many more…


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12 responses to “Is Facial Hair Related to the Success of Programming Languages?

  1. Dear All,
    as you mentioned that The Basic is going to down, but still it is popular in Asia, in .Net framework the whole family of .Net are the same, but they have some small difference in syntax.

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  3. Hey,

    I haven’t heard about SNOBOL. I trying write C program for my project. I don’t understand about SNOBOL. Write a program taht read text to sperate tokens: special charcters, Reversed word (32 in C) and constant variable. How SNOBOL translate to C program? I’m tried look up on google information. This is nothing do with SNOBOL. Let me know!


  4. so you’re saying that among things that we should think of during the development of a programming language is how will be the bear ?


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