MapleStory’s New Class: Beast Tamer

My review of the newest class in a nutshell: extremely childish, yet kind of fun. Global MapleStory’s newest class, Beast Tamer, went live on January 22, 2014 in the game’s 145 version. The class seems to have divided the community with many extremely excited and others screaming “Heck no!”

The newest class addition, which is “is a Magician that uses the INT stat,”  strengths are based on the following animal modes you can utilize:

  • Fort the Bear who will allow you to stand your ground and pulverize your enemies.
  • Lai the Snow Leopard who will allow you to quickly blaze through the battlefield to bring the hurt.
  • Eka the Hawk who will give you unparalleled mobility to traverse any terrain and offer support skills.
  • Arby the Cat who will make you the most popular person around thanks to the numerous party buffs and healing abilities.

What do you think about the new class? Why not tweet us @MapleNews? We’d love to hear from you!’s Founder on Getting Shut Down By Nexon’s closure two weeks ago came to a surprise to many, so we decided to sit down with the website’s founder, Tyler aka The Blue Corsair, to ask him more about the closure and much more.

Many people believe you’re not telling the whole truth to why closed down? Why did the social network close? was requested to be shut down by Nexon America as their legal department deemed it to be stealing their intellectual rights and copyrights. In addition, they considered our client a security risk; not that it was/is unsafe, but that they could not ensure this would always be the case to protect players. Read More

Nexon America’s New Game: Deth Bath


Not such a bad idea, NA.

Nexon America is planning to debut a new game that will “be made available to eligible players in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico.” Read More

MapleStory Survey II, Notice About Recent Bannings, 2x EXP!

Remember last month when I told you guys about Nexon’s survey they were doing? Guess what? They’re doing another one!

Take three to five minutes and complete the survey to let them know how you interact with others in game. Click here to be redirected to the survey.  Read More

Nexon America Does The Harlem Shake

Ahaha! This explains a lot!

The above video was uploaded earlier today on Nexon America’s official YouTube page. It shows the the company’s staff dancing to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Enjoy!