New Website Feature on GMS Website, Jett & Dual Blade Creation Closing!

We’re happy to announce that we have implemented a new feature to the MapleStory website: the Event Calendar!  The Event Calendar lists scheduled maintenance times, game updates, Cash shop updates, web events, and in-game events.

To use the Event Calendar, simply hover over the date to see a list of events on that day.  From the list that appears, as you hover over each event, it shows the days on the calendar that the event runs on.  You can also click on the post link to get more details!

We hope you find this new feature helpful when it comes to keeping track of in-game events and upcoming maintenances. Happy Mapling!

Furthermore, after the 9/4 maintenance (which is the ‘New Dawn’ update), you will no longer be able to create Jett or Dual Blade characters – so make them now if you want them!

The new feature is pretty awesome, it’s clean and simple to use so make sure to bookmark that for the future! Happy Mapling, y’all!

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One comment

  1. msupdate · September 2, 2012

    Wait wat?!?! Jett creation is temporary? Interesting…

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