[JMS] First BigBang Outside of Korea


Japanese MapleStory, the first version to get BigBang outside of Korea. On November 24th, Japan will recive the first of 3 patches that signify the BigBang. If you go to the Campagin Site, you will be first taken to a little comic slideshow, to find an awesome looking space-themed (probably to fit the BigBang theme) web-page with some dream-like music. Being the first version to get the Big Bang out of Korea, I am both congradulatory and envious that they got the BigBang. But anyway, congradulations to JMS players on getting the BigBang. GMS players should probably be expecting the BigBang about a month later.

Sources: MSUpdate, JMS Official Site

CliffNote: JMS has neither Ice Gorge nor Chaos Bosses, and I think JMS should atleast get the Chaos Bosses first, for they add plot to the whole “the Black Magician is coming back” thing.

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  1. JapanMS won’t get the three Big Bang updates from November 3 to 15. Big Bang will be in JMST from those dates. JapanMS will get the first Big Bang update on November 24, hence the huge “28 Days” countdown.

  2. Ah, thanks. I’ll change it ASAP

  3. The dreamlike music is the Mountain Range BGM near Lebem Mine w/e it’s called.

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